yasmin birth control reviewsBrand Names: Yasmin, Yaz

Generic Name: drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol (dro SPY re nown, ETH in il, ESS tra dy ol )

Average Consumer Rating: 2.3 out of 5

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Yasmin pills are oral birth control pills containing two active ingredients ethinylestradiol and drospirenone. These active ingredients are basically the synthetic duplicate of estrogen and progesterone respectively.

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Menstrual Cycle

In a female’s body with a normal menstrual cycle, the level of hormones keeps changing during the month. These hormones that keep developing in the female body releases an egg in the womb and prepare the female’s womb for a possible pregnancy by developing the lining of the womb etc. If the pregnancy does not happen, or the egg that was released in the whole month during changing levels of hormones the egg does not get fertilized and the lining formed during the month shed out in the form of menstruation or period.

How Does Yasmin Work?

The Yasmin pills contain hormones trick the body such that, no ovulation or no releasing of egg happens. It tricks the body that ovulation has already happened which actually never occurred thus preventing an egg from ripening every month. Also, these hormones thicken the line of mucus in the womb thus making it difficult for the sperm to enter the womb and also the fertilized egg will not be likely to get implanted in the womb.

Yasmin pills intake makes the periods lighter, regular and less painful and hence is recommended for women with irregular and painful periods.

How To Use Yasmin Pills?

Each pill has the same amount of hormones in it. One Yasmin tablet is taken every day for 21 days and then no intake of pill for the next seven days thus decreasing the level of hormones in the female body breaking down into periods. After the seven days when you don’t take pills, even if your periods are going on, you have started with another course of Yasmin birth control.

When to Take The Pill First?

One should start having this pill on the first day of the period. If you have a short cycle of menstruation, you can intake medication from the fifth day of your menstruation cycle. If you are sure of not being pregnant you can start having the pill at any time of the month in your cycle.

If you have given birth to a child and you are not breastfeeding the newborn yet, then you can intake the pill after 21 days of the birth. You shall immediately come out of the risk of pregnancy and also will not need to employ other methods of contraception.

If you miss taking a pill or two in the whole course, being Yasmin you shall still remain protected from the unwanted pregnancy but make it a point that you take it as soon as you remember it and then continue taking it just as you take normally. If you have missed three pills then you are not protected against pregnancy, then you should either avoid having sex or else use other ways of contraception.


If you vomit in two hours of intake of the pill then the pill will not be taken up in your blood and should take another pill to cover the consequences.

Yasmin Side Effects

One of the main Yasmin side effects is raised potassium levels. This is due to the diuretic effect of Drospirenone. Loss of fluids lowers your sodium levels, thereby raising potassium levels due to the imbalance that occurs from fluid loss. Higher potassium levels in your system can cause serious health problems.

Two of the big Yasmin side effects would be blood clots and gallbladder disease. The medical term for this type of blood clot is Pulmonary embolism, (PR). This is described as a blockage of an artery in the lung, and although very serious, us not usually deadly. But PE can damage your lungs, and if the clot is big enough, you can actually die from it.

If the blood clot forms in your veins, it’s called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). These can happen anywhere in your body, but usually, these Yasmin side effects occur in extremities like your leg. About 30% of DVTs end up as a PE, damaging your lung.

Any woman using an estrogen-progestin birth control like Yasmin, Yaz, or Ocella (or even NuvaRing and Ortho Evra) should watch out for blood clots. Here are some of the major symptoms:

  • abdominal Pain;
  • headaches;
  • chest pain;
  • leg pain;
  • blurred vision.

You can buy Yasmin online from a pharmacy in Canada, US or UK.

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Average rating:  
 29 reviews
by Dani on Yasmin

I had tried Microgynon, mercilon and marvelon before Yasmin. Microgynon suited me for two years, then I started gaining weight rapidly, despite my food intake not increasing (it was water retention). I came off it, lost a stone in about a month going back to my preferred 8 stone at 5ft... but struggled to find birth control that suited me... until Yasmin! No bad side effects, and less body hair! I was so happy on Yasmin for three years, however my GP said there have been recent lawsuits in america about blood clots, and won't prescribe me more as I have sticky blood anyway :'( I have been birth control free for a month, and it's funny I think Yasmin actually made me less prone to being overemotional/ mood swingy. However I have noticed my sex drive is higher. However I have an abnormally high sex drive, so for me Yasmin was a good thing. For those with a naturally lower libido it may not. Oh and Yasmin regulated my overly heavy 8 day periods, into light virtually cramp free 5 day periods. I was put on birth control at 15 because I got my period every three weeks and it was extremely heavy.

by Vail on Yasmin

Hmmm well, first off let me say that the only reason I give it 2 stars instead of one is that A) I didn't get preggers and B) it was better then Alesse.My mom/doctor up me on Alesse when I was 14 in an attempt to straighten out my PMDD. Unfortunatly, it made it worse to the point that I was practically an axe murderer all days of the month. Buuut I was indeed sexually active so I didn't question it as I had no intention of having babies. Not until I was a couple years older did I think hmm maybe it's time to try a different pill, so after talking to my doctor, we decided to try Yasmin and take it so I'd only get my period once every three months. Initially, it was ok, or so I thought. The only difference was that I had for the first time ever started having cramps. But I thought "meh. It's not surprising as now my body is restraining itself for 3 months" . I was once again reasonable mostly pleasant in the (now 3 month lengthy) space between periods. A few years pass and I am feeling confussed as I can't figure out what was wrong with me. I would sometimes be nice and plesant, and sometimes be violent and suicidal. It took me a bit of time but I'd pieced together that I hadn't noticed as my periods were so far apart now, but it was the few days before taking the fake pills and during the first few period days that these things would happen. With a shock I realized my PMDD was back with a vengance. Nearly pushing people down stairs (thank gosh for hand railings) and crying continuously and getting so enraged that I would for moments not be able to see, and fighting myself to not go back to my teenaged Alesse habit of cutting my legs in an attempt to relieve the stress, I was starting to wonder if it was worth it to just throw in the towel and rely on condoms. In those moments I felt the worst I had in my life (so far, of course).With that I started noticing that my periods were getting more and more pushed back. I's stop taking the main pills on Sunday, and my norm would be to get my periods on Tuesday. But then, it was getting later and later in the day until it became Wednesdays, and still then it would get later and later until it was Thrusdays, then Fridays, then it would get to the point where I'd practically have one day of (very light) period, and still the cramps and severe symptoms that come along with my periods. I decided that that was entirely unhealthy for my body, and the last period break I had before I quit the pill, I hadn't gotten a period at all (of course, all the bad things that would come along with my periods would still be present).So I just like that quit the pill. A month later came the heaviest period of my life. It lasted two weeks, and would you know it, aside from killer cramps, there were no other symptoms! Nothing at all!A month later came the second heaviest period of my life. Once again! Not a sign of PMDD. That was 7 months ago, and I haven't had a period since. No symptoms or anything. While it's nice to not have the cramps or PMDD, I am worried about the fact that my body won't have a period. I'm certainly not pregnant and the doctor doesn't seem concerned, but mind you, doctors put me on this killer roller coaster for the last 8 years...That summarizes my time with Yasmin!

by Jess on Yasmin

I absolutely love this pill. I was on seasonale for 3 months and hated it, then tried try cyclen low and hated it, then was put on this. I absolutely love it. I used to have my period for 2 weeks, and I'd have such bad cramps I'd miss tons of school. I've had no bad sice effects at all, only thing is you have to take this the same time every day, especilly the first 3 months, or you will have a break through bleed (so I've found) make sure you talk to a doctor and know your family history before taking this as it can have different side effects based on certain things. for me though, this is definately the one 🙂

by Carmen on Yasmin

The best pill on the market, life changing. I have tried tons of others and got bad results, for me this works. Different pills work differently for people, so you got to try them and find the best match. Not complain, hey you tried, you made the decision and if you do not make an informed one, oh well, you know the risks, are not unlike others. Mayeb you should quit taking any pill, cause they have side effects too. This pill is the one that has stopped my spotting between periods, all others I have tried have failed to do so. I have huge hormone issues and this seems to balance mee out, I feel normal on it, no negative side effects other than feeling awesome.

by Laura on Yasmin

So glad to see others had crazy mood settings on this too, one month and I was beating up my dresser. And I'm normally incredibly calm!

by Amanda on Yasmin

With a class action lawsuit on their hands, I wouldn't be taking this pill. Make sure you do your homework before starting a new birth control pill; Yasmin caused me anxiety, mood swings and an itchy rash on my face and scalp

by danielle on Yasmin

yasmin SUCKS. i started taking yasmin when i was 15 years old and for about the first year it wasnt too bad, but almost after a year i started having sevre symptoms. my cramps had gotten worse, my periods were heavier and longer, i had lots of blood clots, naseau ,vommiting. i also expiernced extreme anxiety that i have never encountered in my life. ive always been a happy out going girl but i was feeling miseable, with no motivattion, i wanted to stay home every night and i also had a hard time falling asleep. i also expiernced sevre weight gane and went up about 2 bra sizes. i am now 17 and am currently on portia. my anxiety has lessend and ive feel happier and more myself! i wouldnt recomend yasmin to anyone. but i guesse different pills are different on everyone, but if you feel any of these symptoms, id recommend to change your birth control before they worsen!

by Ro on Yasmin

I have been on this pill(as well as the generic version due to insurance only covering that form)for over 6 years. I love it. I was put on it to help with PCOS symptoms and it helped a lot. I would have cramps 2 days before and during the first day that would leave me bed ridden. The pain would shoot down my legs into my ankles and up my back...to walk brought tears to my eyes. Now (and shortly after starting it) I have 3-4 day periods and a slight if any cramps the 1st day of my period. I did gain some weight but it can also be due to my medical situation or both. I have had pretty good skin my hole life and I didn't notice it getting worse maybe slightly better during certain parts of the cycle. At this time my insurance will no longer be paying for even the generic version and I am not happy with the choices they will cover. The choices are a completely different from what my body is used to monophasic to biphasic and the hormone combinations are not the same...the generic brand I have been on is cheaper and works for me...I don't know why they are forcing me to change my Rx???

by Aryn on Yasmin

If I could give it 0 stars, I would. It made my period super heavy and painful, it lowered my confidence and motivation. Worst of all, it gave me the worst moodswings possible: I was on it for three years and spent most of that time suicidal. Since I've switched off Yasmin, I haven't had a bad thought.

by jae on Yasmin

it does the job. haven't had no baby yet. side effects for me are: constipation, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness... not sure if it's do to yasmin or something else. otherwise, when i first started yasmin, i had pretty much no side effects whatsoever. some fatigue but i'm always tired. it helped me acne for a bit, but now its flaring up again so im thinking of switching... overall this is not too bad, but like i said, im searching for the best out there, cuz its my body!

by krysta on Yasmin

I was on Yasmin on and off for about two years and the first year was great! shorter periods, decreased acne (which is why i took it in the first place) But then i started getting really moody before my periods, more so than before i started taking it. and i lost my sex drive completely and i gained a bit of weight. So for those reasons i stopped taking it and am looking for a new pill. I have been researching a little bit and am thinking about going on Zovia. I have read lots of different reviews saying its the best pill and the worst pill. I think every pill is different for every girl so hopefully it works for me!

by Christine on Yasmin

I've been on Yasmin for almost two years now. For the first year I was absolutely fine. But recently (the last three months or so) my boobs have been very sore, I haven't been able to sleep, and I've been getting migraines all of a sudden. Migraines are on the list of side effects where you should stop taking it and talk to your dotor. Also, just a warning, there is a class action lawsuit against Yasmin and Yaz in Canada and the United States. It says it causes strokes, gallbladder disease and a couple more things. I never had any problems heart wise, but birth control is different for every girl. So be careful with Yasmin.

by Joc on Yasmin

Never been on anything else, but recently went off of it and realized how much negativity was attributed to it. My PMS is completely gone, I used to feel so frustrated, everything would get under my skin, for about a week before my period, at least. I had anxiety, heart palipitations, and panic attacks. These have lessened dramatically since I've been off of it. I'm supposed to start Alesse, but am nervous now. Ilove not being on anything, but my boyfriend and I have trouble with condoms, and I'm allergic to most.

by sara on Yasmin

Brilliant pill at first I'm am on it to control my endometriosis, but nw after 8 or 9 months I'm experiencing Weight gain

increased breast size

sore and sensitive breasts

frequent urination.

insatiable thirst

moody negative/depressed thoughts

less motivation

easily emotional.

Trouble sleeping

frequent headaches

IBS symptoms,and bloating!

And this month my pms is off the scale, I feel like I could kill dead things right now, but because of my endo I don't want to come off it because its settled! 🙁

by Kate on Yasmin

Overall not bad but I had very bad PMS with this. I also am used to having lighter periods due to other pills... This will give you a regular period. I also don't see an improvement in my skin. I still get a lot of hormonal acne around my period.

by Tiffany on Yasmin

opps, and now im starting a generic for Aleese, called Lutera, any one have advice about that? so far its been 3 days and i cant sleep at night. and feel very tired.

by Tiffany on Yasmin

I took Yasmin for about 1 year, when i first started taking it, i had miagranes for a few weeks, then it worked great, my skin cleared up. i got nacious a few times, but not often. once i stopped the pill i got pregnant a few months later. i would recommend this pill if you dont get motion sickness, since this has high hormones.

by Jeanette on Yasmin

Yasmin is absolutely terrible! I started when I was 16, and was on it for 5 months, I started taking it in the summer and it made my summer a wreck, I do not recommend this birth control pill to ANYONE. I gained weight, got acne, major depression, feeling supremely helpless all the time in a big black hole, if any girls are feeling this way, the only way is to get OFF the pill, I warn you! I am an extremely happy girl and very outgoing but that birth control was too much. I would get angry and aggitated easy, it felt so bad I couldn't even get myself to cry. It seems like everything would get under my skin..I mean sure, you don't get pregnant but its totally NOT worth it! I felt more and more bloated every month, not in my stomach but my whole body, everything would swell right up and PMS time would be extremly bad. Every month it kept getting worse. I'm 17 now and this is my 4th month off the pill and I feel wonderful off of it! Im myself again! please, im begging you, I don't want any girl to go through this disaster! It's not worth it the headaches and emotional pains and scars. I am finally myself again, OFF birth control :). And to be honest, no birth control pill is good for you, they are junk! Play it safe or have no sex at all, why ruin dampen your wings?

by Christine on Yasmin

Very similar to Natasha-- I took this for 1 year. I am a smaller woman, 5'5 and weigh 105. For about 8 months I thought I had died and gone to heaven-- I finally found one that worked! After 8 months, something just happened and I started feeling very dizzy, out of it, had heart palpitations and severe anxiety attacks! I got off of this pill and within 48 hours I felt SO MUCH BETTER. I stayed off of it for a month, tried to get on it again, and try as I might to give the anxiety the boot, I couldn't kick it! I can't take this anymore:(

by Lola on Yasmin

I bled through the entire 3 months I was on it. The estrogen concentration wasn't high enough for me.

by Natasha on Yasmin

I took it about a year. It was great at first. I had light short periods with little or no cramping. But later started I to have heart palpitations and severe anxiety attacks. So I quit taking Yasmin and they go went away.

by Jennie on Yasmin

I take Ocella. I have been pretty satisfied... no babies yet!

by Chantelle on Yasmin

This is probably one of the best pills for me, but I stopped because I kept spotting when I took it for three consecutive months. It's great for acne, and didn't do much for my sex drive. Every pill has it's pros and cons, Alesse made me lose weight and lessened my appetite but gave me major break-outs, this one was great for acne but just didn't do it in the long run. I would definitely recommend yasmin though, my friend takes it and she loves it too!

by Shelly on Yasmin

DON'T TAKE THIS! It gave me headaches, heart palpitations, and horrible mood swings!

by michele on Yasmin

I was on Yasmin for about two years. I had no decrease in sex drive [maybe increase to be honest!], didn't gain any weight, my period was regular [I could predict it down to the hour] - everything was great. However I had the worst PMS. It started after the first year and it seemed to just be getting worse every month. It got to the point where it would last for almost a full week before my period and let up within hours of getting my period. I would seclude myself from everyone as much as I could to keep from being seriously mean. I would just be so annoyed about everything and anything. It was ridiculous and I knew it. Had all the symptoms of PMDD so was switched to Yaz [reviewing that next]. All in all I loved it but couldn't get around the PMS after so long. My boyfriend thanks me for switching.

by Tanya on Yasmin

Not a fan. Ditto to what Abi said- I lost my sex drive. What's the point of being on the pill if you never want to have sex?

by abi on Yasmin

completely ruined my sex drive

by julia on Yasmin

Absolutely the worst pill I have ever been on. The nausea was so strong, the feeling of vertigo, dizziness, the constant feeling of needing to vomit had me off this pill in 6 days. I was so incredibly lethargic I could not take care of my children. Within 3 days of stopping I feel back to normal.

by BriTters on Yasmin

NEVER TAKE THIS!!! out of me and all my friends who have taken it we go major mood swings,heavier periods, and the worse cramps ever i started taking alesse aka aliana the non brand and it has worked so much better