Seasonique Birth ControlBrand Name: Seasonique

Generic Name: Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets 91-Day Pack (LEE-voe-nor-JES-trel/ETH-i-nil ES-tra-DYE-ol)

Average Consumer Rating: 2.6 out of 5

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Seasonique birth control pills come in a pack of 91 pills. You take one active pill every day for eighty-four days and then you take one and active pill every day for seven days. Using this method you will only have four periods per year and will be protected from pregnancy as long as you are accurately taking this medication.

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Average rating:  
 27 reviews
by kaley on Seasonique

I started this pill inthe hopes of having a lighter period and obviously less often. Instead I became severly depressed, anxiety ridden, and an emotional wreck. I couldn't control my mood at all. Definitely wouldn't reccommend this to anyone under the age of 30.

by Cheylynne on Seasonique

I love this pill! The only thing I would complain about would be the breakthrough bleeding month 2-3. This is a HUGE change for your body though so it does need time to regulate. I used to have cramps bad enough that I couldn't move, even Lortab didn't help. I no longer have cramps, I haven't gotten any headaches in relation to the pill, no weight gain, maybe a half size bigger breasts but no other bad side effects.

by Amanda on Seasonique

I have been on Seasonique for 3 years and I love it! The first 6 months were a little rough and I contemplated going off of it. I had tender breasts, gained a little weight, and had breakthrough bleeding. However, as time goes on the bleeding lessens (it eventually was only during the third month and now I have none at all!-Just takes time for your body to adjust!). I love everything about this pill besides the hefty price...but will continue to pay it to only have 4 periods a year! If your unsure, I recommend trying it and sticking it out for awhile until your body can adjust! Afterall, your body is not used to not having a period every month!

by Nicole on Seasonique

It is literally the only birth control pill I have been on that didn't make me cranky, heavily tired or put on weight. It made my periods 1 day or just non-existent. My problem lies with the $250 price tag it now has. Tried the Generic and I am pissed off. Period has been going on for 2 weeks with constant cramping and it feels like my breasts have been pounded with a meat tenderizer. I have gone through 5 years of birth control searching and Seasonique is the one for me...and I'm not going to let it slip away from me because some corporate moron thought it would be a "good" idea to jack up the price.

by SeasonaleUser on Seasonique

I recommend Seasonale! No weight gain. No mood swings. No acne. Bigger boobies. The first couple of weeks are the hardest, I did break out and experience mild mood swings. Occasionally I will experience cramps with temperature changes (e.g. entering a cold office, or leaving the cold building to the hot outdoors), but it subsides within a few seconds. Other than that the only other complaint is that it has to be taken at the exact same time or else I will spot for a couple days. It only happened once when I took the pill four hours late. It is a great birth control!

by Jazzi on Seasonique

have been on seasonique for about 9 months and it was effective at preventing pregnancy and decreasing by cycle to once every 3 months but had a variety of side effects: moderate depression, low libido, severe PMS, and weight gain. I have decided to switch to a low-dose birth control but this is my personal experience and seasonique may be a good fit for others.

by Lindsey on Seasonique

I loved this pill when I was on it. I went off because I was getting some break-through bleeding and wanted to have a period every month so I could know if I was pregnant or not. It's a great pill, but you really have to let your body get used to it for a couple months. You may have headaches or a decrease in sex drive, but it definitely gets better.

by Jamie on Seasonique

I have been taking Seaonique for 3 years now and it has been wonderful. The first month I took it I did have spotting and mild cramping but that went away and would only return if I forgot to take the pill for a few days or so. I don't have any side effects that I noticed. I have been told that I have mood swings but that's probably part of the hormones. Other than that Its a wonderful pill especially for teens or women who have bad cramps because I use to have the worst and now I hardly ever have cramps even when my period comes its very mild to none and light bleeding. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

by Erin on Seasonique

THE WORST. I was on Lo-Seasonique for a year and was on my period more than I wasn't. I took my pill at exactly the same time every day (even adjusting for daylight savings so I was taking it exactly 24 hours apart each time) and still within the first month of the pack I would get a light period that would last through the end of the three month pack. For a year I was using tampons and pads 9 entire months. I didn't get pregnant because I could never have sex. No improvement of my extremely intense cramps. I was depressed and emotional. No sex drive. What's more, I was paying an arm and a leg for the stuff. Just finished my fourth pack and I will never take this pill again.

by Paige on Seasonique

Overall, this pill has worked very well for me. However, Every pill has its minor side effects. I did gain about 5 pounds and I do have mood swings. On the other hand, all of my periods have been very light and the only time I experienced breakthrough bleeding was when I forgot to take a pill. This is a good pill!!!!

by Kat on Seasonique

I was on this pill 4 months no bleeding and other problems but I started breaking out so badly. It has been a year and I still have breakouts. I was on Yaz happy as a bee but my doctor had concerns about stroke but since I am healthy I am going back because no other pill helped me so far. I am 32 years old and I use to have completely clear skin. Period is a natural cleansing for your body. Your reproductive system is getting rid of waste via period. I don't think it is any good for woman body. I think it will add to fibroid tumors later in life.

by Morgan on Seasonique

I have been on the pill for 4 months now and I really like it, haven't had much break through bleeding at all. Bur when I get my period it's very heavy for two days and I have very bad cramps. I also throw up when I start my next month of pills.

by amannda on Seasonique

I have been on this birthcontrol for 8 months now and I still have spotting all the time and my usuall period as well. I'm getting frequent headaches and dizzy spells sometimes. I'm also gaining weight from this pill as well. I think I'm going to go to my doctor and switch to a different birthcontrol pill. I guess there is one upside though. It does prevent pregnancy but that is the only thing I like about this pill

by charlotte on Seasonique

Well this is a great pill I have been on it for a while the only thing I hate about it is ending and having a very heavy crampy period. Then starting the new pack probaly the 2nd pill I take in the new pack I throw up which is the worst ladies do any of you get sick

by Lauren on Seasonique

I've been on this pill for about a week short of three months, I've had my period more frequently than when I wasn't taking any birth control. The first week I was on it I had no sex drive. I've gone up a cup size and gained about ten pounds since I've started taking it, which is incredibly unusual for me. I've also been getting headaches pretty frequently. I was going to try to finish the first 3 month dosage to see if things evened out after, but it's made me so miserable that I need to stop now. I would rather have to go back to the gyno than deal with another day of this pill.

by jessi on Seasonique

wow this is the worst pill ever i been having cramping mood swing constant bleeding blackouts and alot more sytoms i cant deal with this i have 3 kids to take care of if im always sick i cant do that and my husband is also tired of it to im totally switching to something better this pill is horible

by Christina on Seasonique

I have taken a few different pills and this was the only time I had a truly terrible experience. The first week of taking Seasonique I was fine. In to week 2 I began to have mild cramping in the morning, right before I was due for my next pill. I got through that first pack, (3 months) with cramping, but no spotting. Began pack 2 and about 4 weeks into the pack, (while on a 6 week vacation!) I started having more severe cramping. I called my doctor and was told to just keep taking the pills. About week 6 I have heavy cramps, worse than I've ever had with my period and I begin bleeding. Not just spotting, but right from the start, extremely heavy bleeding that was again, more than a regular period. Coupled with this was cramping that was so bad that I was fetal in bed for about 6 hours. They were worse than the contractions when I had my daughter! Another call to the doctor and I was told to continue taking the pills, which I did. This heavy bleeding lasted for about 12 days, when it finally began to taper off. All told, it lasted about 3 weeks. The cramping lessened during that time and I was taking the pills as directed the whole time. By the time it was done, I had about two weeks to go before my period was due, and that came as normal. I stopped taking Seasonique at that time. I've switched to another pill that is a 28 day cycle, but I just don't take the placebo week, I go right into a new pack so I don't get a period. It works beautifully and I have no problems! I hope people have better luck on Seasonique than I did~

by Christie on Seasonique

I have been on seasonique since September 2010. I really like it. The OB/GYN told me I would have spotting my first 3 months. I did off and on. I am in the middle of my second set and I am having more break through bleeding and cramping some. It is really aggravating. Other than that I love it. I have my tubes tied 8 years ago. I am on it due to rough periods and horrible cramps. Wonder if I need something stronger or what. Might end up calling the doctor Monday.

by joan on Seasonique

Heres my review of seasoniqe: I had the same problems shaneisha. Same side effects while on seasoniqe. Other than the blacking out (thank goodness, I would have freaked out and stopped taking seasoniqe right then! ha!)Anyway, I did have the spotting while on seasoniqe. I have been taking seasoniqe for around 2 years now and I no longer have spotting. Hang in there, it may get better. ๐Ÿ™‚

by shaneisha on Seasonique

I generally like seasoniqe; I've been on it for nine months, because the promise of only four periods a year is something I really wanted. The very first day that I took seasonique, I got a headache, was naseus, dizzy, and blacked out a few times. I told myself that if this occured the next day I would discontinue it, but the next day, nothing happened. I didn't gain any weight, I actually lost weight, and my cramps are gone (thank goodness). The only problem that I actually have is that, when I get to the last pack of pills in the pouch, i spot anywhere between seven days, to twenty-eight, and then I start my period. It's really annoying, because the main reason I chose seasonique was to NOT have periods or random bleeding...but I'm hoping that if I continue to take seasonique, the spotting will stop completely.

by Karla on Seasonique

I took this for 2 months:PROS: I had NO spotting in between periods--no periods for 3 months--yay! Also my boobs were noticeably firmer.CONS: I got bad headaches the 3rd week of each month, and I gained 12 pounds in two months ๐Ÿ™ I decided to switch back to a low-hormone pill.Good Luck everyone!

by Rae on Seasonique

I hated this pill. I stayed on it for close to two years, I wanted to love it and experience the 4 time a year period. I spotted usually for a month and a half and I gained a ton of weight (since changing pills I've lost 5lbs). This is a very touchy pill, you have to take it EXACTLY at the same time every day, no flexibility and I'm awful at it. I recently switched to springtech and I love it so far. It's a 28 day cycle but I've taken it as late as an hour apart with NO spotting! So you make the choice for yourselves but I wouldn't recommend this pill.

by jane on Seasonique

my friendis 30 yrs old she was on seasonique for two months and i got two blood clots in my lungs.i was seconds from dying .i never took medicine everyday,now im taking three types of medication everyday. appreciate what you have ๐Ÿ™‚

by Lorena on Seasonique

This made me dizzy too. It also made me really moody- I switched back to Yaz after a few months on it.

by Jolene on Seasonique

I love this pill. Don't listen to everything you read on forums, people only get online if they have a problem.

by Linda on Seasonique

Did this pill make anyone else dizzy?

by Nicole on Seasonique

I love this pill! but can't afford to take it any more