Seasonale Birth Control reviewBrand Name: Jolessa and Seasonale

Generic Name: Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets 91-Day Pack (LEE-voe-nor-JES-trel/ETH-i-nil ES-tra-DYE-ol)

Average Consumer Rating: 2 out of 5

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Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by lindsay on Seasonale

have only been on this for a little over a week, i was really worried i would have spotting right away as i was on a low dose pill before and i spotted non stop from the start. i am going to start out with 5stars and i will review again after the first 3mos or if something i HATE happens within that time frame

by AC on Seasonale

This pill was a nightmare. I have endometriosis so I went on it to avoid having my period. It made me gain SO MUCH WEIGHT. I thought that I was pregnant because I developed a belly. I weigh 135 and I went up to 145. I could not get it off, even after I stopped it. I ended up going off of it and had severe cramping for a year and my regular cycle has never come back since.

by lindsay on Seasonale

I love this pill! It is awesome...I spotted close to the end of the first 3mos pack and a little throughout the 2nd pack but nothing I was concerned over! I have been taking it for almost a year and as long as I can continue to afford it I will take it. I am low income so I have a percentage of Rx covered but unfortunately this one isn't covered at all ๐Ÿ™ I recommend this pill fully, everyone reacts differently though, most people who do review are unhappy but I love this pill. No weight gain, hair loss, acne or any other side effect, light spotting in the beginning but it hasn't happened in the past 8 mos or so!

by Vero on Seasonale

This is my 10th week on seasonale and I am really considering to stop going on it.I've been getting brown discharge for over a week and its getting to be black. I'm getting cramps like I would on my periode, and I gained weight and increased my apetite. At the begining it was great but now its getting to be terrible, almost like I would prefer to have my periode over this.

by Christine on Seasonale

I have been on many pills, Ortho-Tri Cyclen, Cyclen, Yasmin, and Seasonale. Seasonale made me have lots of cystic type acne (the kind that really hurt), I gained about 10 pounds, and felt terrible all the time. I do not recommend this pill.

by Heidi on Seasonale

It had caused me to be depressed, which is the reason I won't be using it anymore. I've also experienced a good amount of hair loss. No spotting, however, or weight gain. I also didn't find it to affect my sex drive. Not the worst I've used.

by stephanie on Seasonale

I switched to this pill after being on the nuvaring,which was a constant hassle.I like the only having 4 periods a yr idea,however the nausea I have every morning from it can be a pain but what I'm mostly having trouble with is the fact that I learned it causes hair lossI'm starting to get that side effect Come to find out after doing some research that there is quite a few birthconrol that causes this problem including the Nuvaring.

by Tammy on Seasonale

Seasonale caused me to have a stroke. It was a horrible scary experience that I never want to repeat.

by Ashley on Seasonale

Hated this pill. I bled constantly and had cramps and depression. Honestly thought I was pregnant. I'm switching for sure.

by mary on Seasonale

I gained 20 pounds on this pill and completely lost my sex drive--awful!