Quasense Birth ControlBrand Names: Jolessa, Quasense, Seasonale, Seasonique

Generic Name: ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel (extended-cycle) (ETH in ill ess tra DYE ol and lee voe nor JESS trel)

Average Consumer Rating: 1.5 out of 5


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Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Nie on Quasense

The worst ever been on it for a month and I've had non stop bleeding, so me n my fiancé haven't bn able to do anything. Sex drive is gone and got bumps all over my face. Horrible birth control. Don't take it.

by A on Quasense

The pharmacy sent me this one time as it was considered an "acceptable generic substitution." All generics are not created equal! Quasense is the worst generic ever. I had breakthrough bleeding, tenderness, acne and bloating. I thankfully got my doc to write a no substitution rx for jolessa which I've been on for years before and after Quasense with no issue.

by Ali on Quasense

I'm so happy I found this website. I've been on this pill for over a year now and going to have to switch to another brand. I've gained weight, experienced severe mood swings, and depression (and anxiety). I've been trying to pinpoint what has been causing all of this chaos and it looks like it is this pill. I have not had issues with spotting but, have definitely been on somewhat of an emotional roller coaster. I'm hoping I will have better results with a different brand.

by Alyssa on Quasense

I've been taking quasense for almost months. Its the first brand of the pill ive tried and im not too happy. Ive been spotting nonstop since the start of my second month and it was kind of a brownish color. My boobs have been sore nonstop and ive had major mood swings, and a low sex drive. Im going to start the next pack, but if things havent gotten better by then im definitely going to switch.

by CD on Quasense

ive been on it for almost 9 months now. Before i was on the depo shot. This pill was good at the beginning but now im experience non stop bleeding for about 3 weeks. .... has any else experienced bleeding like this while on this pill?

by Jessica on Quasense

I've been on this pill for almost 3 months and the only problems i've had so far is occasional spotting and a low sex drive. does anyone know how long it takes for your sex drive to get back to normal?

by Erin on Quasense

On my fourth month of taking Quasense I started to bleed regularly. It started on November 22, 2011 and did not stop until the beginning of February. It stopped when I stopped taking my pill everyday. Some days the bleeding was light, but for the most part it was like being on my period for months on end. It was AWFUL.

by Steph on Quasense

I started this birth control the last week in November and things went smoothly for the first 5 weeks. Ever since ive been spotting daily. Im going to continue to take it for a full three month period to see if it begins to work properly by then. Ive read that spotting is typical for these no period birth controls. Im going to stick it out and hope for the best. I just pray the spotting doesnt continue for the next six weeks.

by Jenn on Quasense

I've been on it. A couple years and haven't had any problems

by mayson on Quasense

my "spotting" is like a brownish color,is that how your was also?

by Amanda on Quasense

This is the WORST birth control ever. I have had spotting non stop since I started it 6 months ago. The acne, weight gain, and constantly oily hair have been a few other side effects, along with mood swings and confusion. I am switching back to my old birth control- Kariva (generic for Mircette). With it I was regulated by the third month and my period only lasted 3 days and it was very light. My memory was clearer and I didn't have the weight gain or mood swings. I thought I would try Quasense because of the "fewer periods a year" but that's a lie when you bleed continuously. I'll be glad to start Kariva next week!

by sarah on Quasense

i wouldnt even give this birth control a star.. i have started my 2nd pack of it.. and i hate it. I want to change to a different birhtcontrol but i dont know what one would be good for me!

by Keyona on Quasense

Would like information on quasense