Ovral Birth ControlBrand Names: Cryselle 28, Lo/Ovral-28, Low-Ogestrel-28, Ogestrel-28

Generic Name: ethinyl estradiol and norgestrel (ETH in il ess tra DYE ol and nor JESS trel)

Average Consumer Rating: 3 out of 5

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Ovral Recall Due To The Packaging Error

One million of birth control packages were recalled after a packaging error by Pfizer. The company found that some packets had too many active tablets while some had too few increasing the risk of an accidental pregnancy.

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generic ovral

The problem affects Lo/Ovral-38 and generic Norgestrel – Estriol and ethinyl estradiol tablets.

The concern of Pfizer is that they just don’t know what is a risk of unwanted pregnancy if those pills were taken. There was a packaging error. The package consists of 28 pills 21 of those have a drug that will protect from pregnancy and seven of those are basically a sugar pill. If they’re mixed up together, it reduces the overall level of drug in a body and puts women at risk for pregnancy.


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by Jenn on Ovral

this pill is average. my doctor put me on a regimine of 6 weeks of pills, 4 day without so i would get less periods a year. i have been on it for 6 weeks and the first 4 were fine. then the 5th i started t get really bad cramps and fatigue. then i started to blled like i had my peroid even though i wasnt supposed to get it for another ten days. the 6th week was the worst. mood swings, bloating, horrible headaches and fatigue. now im on my 4 days off and my flow is very heavy but the first day off i had horrible back pain and migranes, but after taking sme pamprin the next day i feel fine. does cause some weight gain, and makes it very hard to loose weight. going to my doctor to see if there is a pill that makes weight loss easier. generally happy with this ill because i expected weird symptoms the first cycle or two until my body get used to it.