necon birth controlBrand Names: Aranelle, Balziva, Brevicon, Estrostep Fe, Femcon FE, Genora 1/35, Jenest, Junel 1.5/30, Junel Fe 1.5/30, Junel Fe 1/20, Leena, Loestrin 21 1.5/30, Loestrin 24 Fe, Loestrin Fe 1/20, Microgestin 1.5/30, Microgestin FE 1.5/30, Modicon, Necon 0.5/35, Necon 1/35, Necon 7/7/7, Nelova 0.5/35, Norethin 1/35 E, Norinyl 1/35, Nortrel 0.5/35, Nortrel 7/7/7, Ortho-Novum 1/35, Ortho-Novum 7/7/7, Ovcon 35, Tilia Fe, Tri-Legest Fe, Tri-Norinyl, Zenchent

Generic Name: ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone (ETH in il ess tra DYE ole and nor ETH in drone)

Average Consumer Rating: 1.6 out of 5

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Necon (Norethindrone/Ethestradiol) is intended for women who are suffering from menopausal symptoms. This medicine can help women through the inevitable, sometimes uncomfortable and depressing process of menopause. As soon as you begin to experience menopausal symptoms, see your doctor for a complete checkup. Don’t be surprised if you begin to experience menopause much earlier than you anticipated.

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It’s simply a fact of life. It can start in your early 30s or 40s so you may want to plan ahead if you want to try to get pregnant and have children. Technology and developments in biology and the medical field allow women in modern times to handle hot flashes, mood swings, and other menopausal symptoms more gracefully.

Necon (Norethindrone/Ethestradiol) is available in an oral pill prescription and it works by reducing vaginal swelling, vaginal itching, pain during sexual intercourse, and vaginal discharge and bleeding. These are also side effects if it turns out that this medication is not the right one for you. So if you notice these symptoms, or start having blurry vision, dizziness when you stand up, frequent headaches or other bothersome conditions, contact your doctor right away. Your medication may need to be changed or the dosage might simply need adjustment. You also need to give the medication a chance to start working so don’t expect instantaneous results.


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by Malley on Necon

I have taken Necon 1 25 for about 2 years and it has done good and bad for me. It has cleared up my acne completely, but on the downfall I have NO SEX DRIVE and when I do have sex I have a lack of lubrication (which is not normally a problem) Right now I am going back to the Dr. to get a new birth control that will hopefully fix things.

by Jessica on Necon

This pill is AWFUL. First time taking it I threw up on the second day. Stopped taking it then started up a month later, the entire 1st week was filled with nausea, horrible mood swings... Last day of the first week I had pain everywhere... Diarrhea, then constipation.. Complete loss of appetite, I lost 5lbs in 1 week, that's not healthy.! And to top it all off, my period was ending around the time istarted taking the pill, and after that first week, instant bleeding.

by Reesa on Necon

have been taking Necon for nearly a month now and I'm doing my best to be patient and see if the side effects subside.. However, I don't think I can take it any longer.. On top of the terrible mood swings and anxiety, it has me feeling lethargic, bloated and emotional. Everyone reacts differently to medications especially when it comes to our hormones, but this definitely is not working well for me.

by nicole on Necon

was on this pill called orthocylen for months and it literally made me crazy horrible mood swins and would flip out on anyone, got horrible spotting and periods TWICE A MONTH! i had to get off it asap! my doc switched me to necon and i was worried with the higher hormone dosage cus that could only make me crazier but i was shocked at tbe results! i feel perfectly fine dont get me wrong i still get alittle moody and depressed here and there but not to the point where it was before! it stopped the random spotting as well and i lost weight ): iv only been on it for 3 weeks now so i hope it will clear my face and help me gain weight! i would recommend this to anyone who is on the same boat as me! my life was horrible before necon and whoever is expierencing it rightnow there is hope!! you will find a pill perfectly suitable for you!! 🙂 goodluck!

by P on Necon

It made me a monster. My husband was beside himself as to the person I became within two weeks. I would be going along the day ok and then a pin would drop and it would set me off on a major anger swing. The littlest things would now be war path triggers. This was totally not me! I had used other bc in the past, but nothing as nuclear as these little yellow bombs. Be very careful and ask those that care about you to monitor any changes and set in your mind beforehand to listen and be ready to jump ship based on what they tell you. Like any pill they may work for others and i glad they do, but they made me a Mrs. Hyde.

by Krista on Necon

I have been taking this pill for years. at first it was ok but i notice the symptoms people are saying. low sex drive and irritability. went off of it for one month years ago and got pregnant with my second daughter, which I had planned. Trying to this time and been off of it for three months and nothing has happened. My periods this time around seem to be lighter and shorter without me being on the pills. Did anyone have problems trying to conceive after taking them?

by kate on Necon

HORRIBLE! this is the worst thing you could ever do to your life unless you want to lose touch of your emotions, feelings, relationships, and patience. I was first put on the name brand version was on that for several months then i switched to generic because of the cost was on that about 3-5mons more. At first I thought the only side effects were tender breasts a few weeks a month and bloating around my period. Progressively as my life got better I got more depressed and extremely moody!!! I had no idea what was wrong with me. my life was great, amazing bf, rewarding job, close family and awesome friends, etc. I progressively felt more and more out of touch, depressed, moody, extremely irritable. The only people that made me happy were who i constantly flipped out on. I had no control over what came out of my mouth. Id hear myself say something and instanly get pissed but then it was too late because if someone argued back or got me on the defense I would overreact again!! Not that I never over reacted but for the year i was on this it wasnt until i had done horrible damage in my relationships that I sought out to figure out what my problem was because there was no reason for me to be acting the way I was. If i wasn't exhausted, then I was moody, or just down for no reason. I had no drive to do anything other than what was required of me. I lost more and more my sex drive esp the last few months i was on this pill as i seemed to get more and more depressed. finding these reviews really helped me. I went off this pill and am feeling happy and healthy again. I have done some pretty bad damage in my relationships pushing people to the breaking point and testing their patience. BUT now I am acting totally like myself again if not even better! and I am in control of my own feelings and reactions more than ever because I am now conscious of the fact that something as small as my pill can completely change me. I do not reccomd this to anyone, EVER!

by christine on Necon

awful. mood swings, CONSTANT bloating, very moody (which i NEVER have been in my entire life! such a strange feeling to me to feel out of control of my emotions). and NO SEX DRIVE at all, and believe me i had a large sex drive before these pills. i think the way they work is not that they prevent pregnancy, they prevent you WANTING to have sex, therefore no baby! 🙂

by sarah on Necon

Horrible, I thought I was having a break down on this pill.

by ashley on Necon

ive started taking necon pill monday and i didnt fell anything but bow that days passed by an i keep taking it i have bad anexity attacks i dont like the way that makes me feel

by Noma on Necon

i love this pill i lost over 30 pounds when i went on this pill but other than that i never had any other side affects and i plan to get back on it as soon as i have a baby to loose the baby eight. Love it!!!

by Michelle on Necon

I was on this for a few years. Gradually started getting really depressed, anxiety through the roof, moody, angry ... you name it, I was it. All except for happy! I haven't been myself at all. I needed to be on it to control ovarian cysts, and I just don't find it's worth it anymore. If I missed a pill, I immediately got my period. I just couldn't win with this pill. I do NOT recommend it to anyone.

by Jenn on Necon

Been taking it for a week. I've gained about 7 pounds. No thank you to that.

by Julie on Necon

I have been taking neocon for the past year and I finally feel like I found the birth control pill for me. I haven't had any of the effects I have seen mentioned here. Everyone should remember that we all will probably respond differently to medications, just keep that in mind while shopping around!

by Z on Necon

I must agree with most of the comments. this is my first time taking birth control pills after 6 years and i feel like a totally different person. My mood changes like crazy. I get angry real easily now or I'm crying for no reason. I dont know if i am coming or going anymore. I so want to stop these Neco 1/35 pills!

by Terran on Necon

This birth control is the worst. I literally put on 6 lbs in 2 days! I have never retained so much water. I am nauseous a lot, I lost my appetite, and I am constipated like you wouldn't believe. The worst is the anxiety it causes. I am so angry and moody! This is not me! Thankfully I only have 4 days of it left It is being used my IVF cycle If you are looking for something long-term this is not the pill you want!

by Shelly on Necon

be careful before taking this pill. i am generally a very happy person by nature, but since i have been taking Necon i have been getting so angry and irritated with everyone over the littlest things and if im not angry i feel sad.this is not normal.i have also noticed its made me constipated as well.

by Stephanie on Necon

I switch to Necon 1/35 early in December after being off my 1st brand of BC pill for 5 months due to headaches, dizziness and the feeling of vomiting. Appoarching my 2nd week on Necon 1/35, I haven't experienced any side effects or anything unsual. Every womans body is different as we all know and will react differently to a variety of BC pills. My best advise to women considering taking BC pills, do research and if you have any friends who are on BC pills, ask questions about the BC brand they are on. It will give you insight on BC pills and which one you would try and see if it works for you. I had to go through one to find the right one for me, and this is what I did. Good Luck!

by Jamie on Necon

I used to take Nortreal, but my doctor switched me to Necon. I started on Monday, and Now (thursday) im having really bad cramnps and abdominal pain. Im not sure if this is a side effect, and will just go away or will it last forever? i just had surgery for an IUD i had placed last year. It gave me PID. so i had suregery 09/08/11 to remove all the scar tissue.

by Laura on Necon

I would NOT suggest this form of birth control. It made me in the worst moods (i am an extremely happy person usually) and gave me the worst acne i've ever experienced and i usually have fairly clear skin. I stopped after one month because i was miserable and pimply.. not a good combination.

by emily on Necon

i already have depression it just made 10x worse

by Sierra on Necon

This pill made me so miserable. I took it for 3 months and had to stop because I was so depressed all the time. I felt like I didn't experience any emotions except for anger or sadness. I didn't gain weight and my breasts grew about 1 size, but I had zero sex drive and ultimately was miserable.

by Deanna on Necon

I have been on this pill for 3 months now... its given me nothing but problems. I have had almost every side effect listed. I missed the pill one day took 2 the next day and had break thru bleeding for 2 weeks. And then started the pill for the next month and now... getting my period on my second week into my pill. I am thinking is this protecting me then?

by Jessica on Necon

I have taken this pill for 2-3 years and love it. I have had no side effects of any kind, not even breakthrough bleeding. I first got on this pill because I was deploying to Iraq and did not want to have to deal with bleeding and cramps while there. I like the idea that I have control over if and when I want my period. I actually lost weight while taking this pill. I did make some lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise. My point is that I still manage to lose weight, (25lbs) while on the pill which has proved difficult in the past on other pills. All in all, I love this pill.

by samcat on Necon

I would beware of this pill. I am a pretty stable girl, but after taking this pill for only a month I noticed that it seemed to over my emotions. I was either really angry or crying over the smallest things. That is definitely not like me. Also, my breasts were extremely sore and grew a size (something I do not need) almost immediately. Plus, I missed the pill one day b/c I had the flu and I took 2 the next day, but I still got breakthrough bleeding for the rest of the month. Not fun.