natazia birth control reviewBrand Names: Natazia

Generic Name: estradiol valerate and estradiol valerate/dienogest

Average Consumer Rating: 2.2 out of 5

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Natazia is a new birth control pill which features new contraceptive hormones, a new dosing regimen, and new clinical applications.

Known as Natazia in the United States and Clara in the rest of the world, this formulation uses a weaker estrogen (Estradiol valerate) and a potent new progestin.

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Just in both open-label and comparative trials, this new formulation has been shown to provide excellent contraceptive protection and cycle control so complete that it is the only oral contraceptive approved by the FDA for treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding.

The dosing regimen is pragmatic but it has complicated missed pill instructions. Phase four trials have also demonstrated the pills usefulness in reducing pain related to minty and an absence of any adverse effect on libido.



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 6 reviews
by kaley on Natazia

My doctor switched me to Natazia after I had suffered a three month long period. It worked quite well in the begining but now (6 months of using it) I get a lot of break through periods and acne on my chest and back. I also have deveolped some out of hte ordinary anxiety issues. My periods have not lightened nor have they decreased in lenth. I have been trying different birth controls for about 10 years now and nothing has given me a better period.

by Felicia on Natazia

I suffered from heavy bleeding and excessively long periods along with severe cramping. After taking Natazia, my period didnt change at all. My acne would fluctuate from better to worse. However I gained no weight. But I stopped taking it because I began to suffer from severe depression. I'm a younger user. And wouldn't recommend this.

by April on Natazia

I started taking Natazia at my doctors reccomendation for irregular bleeding. In the first month I bled for two weeks and then in the second month it was lighter and shorter. The main problem is the acne, weight gain, terrible migraines, hair loss and it is making my mental disabilities worse.

by rachelle on Natazia

Compared to other birth control pills, natazia was Ok. I didn't have weight gain, but I also had more acne and depression on this pill.

by Anon on Natazia

Natazia worked well in the beginning: it increased my libido - which was great of course - and I regularly got my periods. However, I occasionally experienced breakthrough bleeding in the second or third week (when I first started). After a few months of taking Natazia, however, I noticed that I gained about 5 - 7 lbs (which is significant on my small frame), I missed my period(s) on occasion, and unfortunately my libido has decreased, as well. Combined with the risk of blood clots (beyond what is typical for most bc pills) I can't recommend Natazia without reservations. The weight gain in particular really changed my mind about this pill.

by jennifer on Natazia

I have had so many problems with this pill, breakthrough bleeding, migraines, severe depression, anxiety, and terrible acne on my face and back which has never been a problem for me. Also i have had insomnia and awful fatigue. I would not reccomend this to anybody.