lybrelBrand Name: Lybrel

Generic Name: Levonorgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets 28-Day Pack (Continuous) (lee-voe-nor-JES-trel/ETH-i-nil es-tra-DYE-ol)

Average Consumer Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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For many women, your birth control pill is one of the most important medications you will ever take. If you’re not ready to conceive and you want to use the pill as a method of birth control, then you probably already know you have a wide range of options available to you. With so many different types of pills for birth control, how can you choose the right one for you? Could the new Lybrel birth control pill from Wyeth be right for you?

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First, you need to evaluate what your needs are. Birth control pills affect your hormone levels and while they are primarily used to prevent pregnancy, there are sometimes other uses for them as well. Each woman is an individual and may react differently to different types of birth control pills. One new option in the world of birth control is a Lybrel pill. Lybrel birth control pill, also known as Anya, is a type of birth control pill designed specifically for women who have troublesome periods. Before you will know if Lybrel is right for you, you will need to learn what you can about it.

What is Lybrel?

Lybrel and its generic counterpart, Ethinyl Estradiol, and Levonorgestrel, are prescription medications that contain a mixture of female hormones that are used to prevent ovulation, which is the release of an egg from the ovary. Lybrel (Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel) will also cause changes in the cervical mucus and uterine lining, which make it harder for sperm to reach the uterus and for fertilized eggs to attach themselves to the uterus

Nicknamed the “no period pill” by many, the Lybrel pill can actually lessen or completely end your monthly periods similar to the other birth control method, Depo-Provera. Lybrel is a new form of birth control pill from Wyeth Company. This is the first birth control pill that suppresses the menstrual period for a full year, much like the shot Depo Provera does. It has shown in clinical tests to be just as effective at preventing pregnancy as other birth control pills (98% effective when taken properly) and it suppresses the menstrual period which many women find helpful.

You simply take this pill once a day and the hormones within it will cause you to cease menstruation and results in the inability to get pregnant. To be most effective, it should be taken around the same time every day and not skipped. While many women are excited by the idea of saying goodbye to their periods, there are some that wonder if it’s safe and what it will mean for the future of birth control and menstrual cycles. With most seasonal birth control pills, you take a pill every day for 3 weeks and in the last week, you take placebo sugar pills. The Lybrel pill is different because you take a hormonal pill 365 days a year. This is why you stop having your period.

Who Can Take Lybrel?

The Lybrel pill is designed specifically for women that have heavy periods, painful periods or troublesome periods although other women may take it as well. If you have always wanted to be rid of your period for good and not have to deal with the monthly nuisance, then you might have your answer in Lybrel contraceptive pill. It is the first birth control pill to be able to do this.

In addition to ending the monthly cycle, Lybrel pill is also effective at alleviating many symptoms that come with PMS and the menstrual cycle such as the mental and emotional symptoms as well. If you tend to be cranky, emotional, angry or suffer from other unwanted PMS symptoms, you may find this pill very helpful.

Lyprel pill is a low dose, a combination pill that contains a mixture of synthetic estrogen and progesterone. It contains Ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel, synthetic hormones that can help to control the cycle of menstruation and ovulation. You should speak to your doctor about whether or not it is right for you or if you want a better explanation of what these hormones are and how they work to suppress your period and prevent pregnancy.

The Lyprel pill is especially helpful for women with:

  • severe PMS
  • painful menstrual cramps
  • endometriosis
  • uterine fibroids

Lybrel Side Effects

There are some side effects which are linked to the usage of Lybrel (Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel). The most common and least severe side effects of Lybrel (Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel) are:

  • breast tenderness;
  • change in appetite,;
  • dizziness;
  • mild hair loss;
  • nausea;
  • nervousness;
  • vaginal spotting or breakthrough bleeding;
  • vomiting;
  • weight gain.

While none of these side effects are considered to be life threatening, it is important that you notify your doctor immediately if you begin to experience any of these common side effects while using Lybrel (Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel). Your doctor will need to know this information so that they can better advise and care for you medically.

There are also some more serious, less common side effects that are also linked to using of Lybrel (Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel):

  • severe allergic reaction;
  • breast discharge;
  • breast lumps;
  • calf swelling or tenderness;
  • leg swelling or tenderness;
  • change in the amount of urine;
  • chest pains and heaviness;
  • confusion;
  • coughing up blood;
  • darkened urine;
  • mental changes;
  • mood changes;
  • migraines;
  • numbness in arms or legs;
  • pale stool;
  • persistent and severe headaches;
  • severe dizziness;
  • persistent vaginal spotting;
  • severe stomach pain and tenderness;
  • shortness of breath;
  • slurring in speech;
  • sudden and severe vomiting;
  • swelling of the finger or hands;
  • vaginal irritation;
  • odd vaginal discharge.

If you experience any of these more serious side effects while using Lybrel (Ethinyl Estradiol and Levonorgestrel), you are advised to seek emergency medical assistance immediately.

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 21 reviews
by Cassy on Lybrel

I hate this pill. Worst med I ever took. I switched after almost 9 years of being on seasonale and as soon as I started taking lybrel I starting having severe cramping pain all over my body. I am a healthy active 25 year old, but lybrel made me not want to do anything because if the pain. I'm glad this got pulled off the market.

by Free AtLast on Lybrel

Yea! No more periods. I started taking this after starting with Seasonique. You absolutely must take it at the same time every day. I cannot believe that I suffered through horrible PMS and periods all of these years. I was actually pondering a voluntary complete hysterectomy it was getting so bad. Last week I was in my closet and stumbled across my stack of boxes of tampons and pads I used to need every month. Who knows how much money I spent every month. I am sad that I did not pursue this freedom much earlier. Some doctors may try to talk you out of your freedom for one reason or another. Do not give up! A life without maniacal mood swings and soiled clothing awaits you!

by m on Lybrel

I can't decide if I should take this or not. I would like to take it more for the severe pms sx (pmdd) Anyone have some advice??

by BMW on Lybrel

I say my prayers of thanks for Lybrel every night... that may be exaggeration, but I LOVE this pill. I had horrible cramps and misery before I started using this probably three years ago. No issues with it at all. They even came out with a generic so not even that expensive any more! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pill! I agree with the above post that if you are someone with mild periods, this may not be for you, but for the rest of us... run do not walk to your GYN and get it now!!

by swezal on Lybrel

Recently this past week, a 31-year-old newly graduated student, with a doctoral degree about to start her new career as a Doctor, was flown into a nearby hospital, because she passed out. They found a blood clot in her neck, and immediately took her by helicopter to the ER to operate. By the time they removed the right half of her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain, the clot had spread to her brain causing severe damage. Since last Wednesday night, she was battling. They induced her into a coma to stop the blood flow. They operated 3 times. Finally, they said there was nothing left that they could do. They found multiple clots in the left side of her brain. The swelling wouldn't stop, and she was on life support. She died at 4:30 yesterday. She leaves behind a husband, and a 2yr old Brandon and a 4yr old Justin. The CAUSE of DEATH - they found was a birth control pill she was taking that allows you to only have your period 3 times a year... They said it interrupts life's menstrual cycle, and although it is FDA approved... shouldn't be - So to the women in my address book - I ask you to deal with your period once a month - so you can live the rest of the months that your life has in store for you. The name of this New Birth Control pill is Lybrel.

by kassi on Lybrel

i was so excited to go get this birth control and when i went to get it full they told me it was discontinued! i wasnt happy

by Kate on Lybrel

Fuck that! Your breasts grow on this pill? I'm already in need of a reduction.

by Cindy on Lybrel

I'm on my 3rd week of Lybrel. So far everything has been pretty good. Started taking it the first day of my period. My period lasted for about 10 days(a bit longer than usual). I just started spotting yesterday, but nothing major. No mood swings. No weight gain. No cramping or anything. Everything is pretty normal to me ๐Ÿ™‚

by Bee on Lybrel

I've been on it for 3 years and still get bleeding and spotting. If I am more than an hour late taking it, onset of menstruation comes on. Cramping has significantly decreased and less mood swings than other pills I have been on.

by rebeca on Lybrel

i have been on Lybrel since 2007, when it was approved by the FDA. I am now 26, and I still love it. No periods, no break through bleeding, and the best of all for me- no more cysts. my doctor thought that my ovarian cysts had were linked to my monthly cycle, and he was right. I have had no negative side effects from this birth control. the only problem for me is the cost....i really wish there was a generic, because my copay with my insurance is going from $30 to $65....may have to switch, but don't want to.

by holly on Lybrel

I was on this pill for about 4 months. No weight gain, no brest englargement and had my period for almost 2 months straight. This pill did not work for me

by melody on Lybrel

I took Lybrel for years with no problems...or so I thought. My cholesterol numbers went thru the roof and continues until I mentioned it to my GYN and she said Lybrel could be the cause...I changed meds and my numbers are coming back to normal.

by Jessica on Lybrel

I have been on this pill for over three years. never spotted til just recently after i was on antibiotics. No weight gain, my breasts grew from an A to a C no complaints here!!! i hope i never have to get off of it! just wish it wasnt so expensive, and the new packages suck compared to the click package. But I love what it does.

by shay on Lybrel

i hate this pill no stars i was on it for 9 months and never stopped bleeding so i stopped. now i got the shot depo 8 weeks after my first child, no bleeding until it was time for my period on the 22 on december. Haven't stopped spotting yet its now the 28th maybe birth control just isn't for me

by tracy on Lybrel

anyone else experiencing scalp hair t sure if it's because of lybrel...really don't want to off periods were horrific but being bald would be worse...any feedback would be appreciatedgo oofloss? nu

by Karen on Lybrel

I have been on Lybrel for 2 years - no periods - it has been so great - I have gained some weight - not sure if they are related - but I would recomment

by Amy on Lybrel

I've been on Lybrel for almost two years. It was good at first, but recently, I've been on my period (technically I guess breakthrough bleeding) for TWO MONTHS. My doctor says it may be time to switch pills. I think she is probably right. Every woman's body is different. It may work wonders for some and not so great for others. Good luck.

by Daisy on Lybrel

I love Lybrel. I have been on it for three months... Occasionally I see some spotting, but for the most part, I haven't bled. Also I have small breast, I am an A cup, but since being on Lybrel my cup size moved up to a B. I love the extra cup, although they are very tender, and have been for the past three months. But I don't mind the tenderness, nothing that I can say is unbearable. I would recommend this to anybody!!

by sarah on Lybrel

I have been taking lybrel for over a year. I love the no period thing love it! But i was informed of a young mom who died from the pill so now im thinking i need to deal with the period for my children and familys sake. Plus i have been tiered all the time for the past year but i dealt for the freedom of no period. Good luck on your decision.

by Shelly on Lybrel

I had been tri-cycling with birth control for years because I'm one of the unfortunate people whose cycle was so out of control and painful, I actually would miss full weeks of school and have to get pain shots at the doctor's office in some cases.... so for me, the transition to lybrel was VERY easy. I had no spotting since my body was already used to the idea of not having a regular cycle, and I'm extremely happy I made the change ๐Ÿ™‚ I love having this freedom, and I love not having to dread the pain and the misery. For some women who only experience mild cramping or normal periods, it might not be for you. Or it might if you really just want freedom. but for people like me who had doctors tell me it's best if I don't have regular periods, it's a GOD-send!

by nikki on Lybrel

first contraceptive pill ive ever been on.boobs grew 2 cup sizes. no much weight gain anywhere else.breakthrough bleeding lasting maybe 3 days at the most. this pill is designed for no periods. but with any pill- breakthrough bleeding.unfortunally my insurance wont cover anymore and now costs 60$ so im switching, actually why im on this website. i really wish i didnt have to.amazing pill.