lo loestrin fe genericLo Loestrin Fe Birth Control Reviews And Side Effects

Brand Name: Examples include Loestrin 1/20 and Ovcon 35

Generic Name: Norethindrone/Ethinyl Estradiol (nor-eth-IN-drone/ETH-in-il ess-tra-DYE-ole)

Average Consumer Rating: 2.6 out of 5

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What Is Lo Loestrin Fe?

Lo Loestrin Fe, which is commonly referred to as just Loestrin 24, was created in the 1980′s. these oral contraceptives contain estrogen and progestin hormones and are designed to be taken at a specific time each day throughout the pill-taking schedule.

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It contains a minimal dose of bodily hormones (estrogen and progestin) and works to stop women having a baby by halting ovulation, altering the cervical mucus, and changing the lining of the uterus.

This kind of birth control pill delivers women a very low dose of estrogen, only 10 micrograms and 1 microgram of progestin,

Lo Loestrin Fe Benefits

It makes sense that taking the lowest dose possible of a drug, while still being effective, is a good choice because it helps reduce the risk of side effects So this has to be a Lo Loestrin Fe benefit.

The result of one clinical study showed that 2-4 women out of 100 may get pregnant during the first year they use Loloestrin. Here’s a very interesting point…..The chances of becoming pregnant are directly proportional to the degree to which the instructions have been followed.

In other words, the closer the directions are followed the less the likelihood of pregnancy.

Lo Loestrin Fe Side Effects

Women vary in their reaction to the different oral birth control methods available today. Loestrin 24 Fe can cause zero unpleasant side effects in one woman while causing unwanted side effects in another. Everybody is different and has to make up their own mind about what suits them and what does not.

Reactions to the Lo Loestrin Fe birth control pill can be unpleasant for a few women, so speak to your doctor if you experience trouble like chest area discomfort, breathlessness, or speech modifications.

In most cases, Lo Loestrin side effects tend to be mild and easy to handle. In fact!….Very few women who take this type of birth control pill will have any trouble at all. The truth is, the majority of women have no problems with the side effects of Loestrin.
The results of several studies that have been undertaken show the most common Lo Loestrin Fe side effects to be :

  • Feeling sick or vomiting;
  • Breakthrough blood loss or spotting (hemorrhaging in between periods);
  • Abnormal bleeding between periods;
  • Uncomfortable monthly periods;
  • Weight “fluctuations”;
  • Breasts tenderness;
  • Acne;
  • Abdominal pain (stomach discomfort);
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression

With the advent of DRSP inside Loestrin 24 Fe, women have another option when it comes to common contraception, and the great thing about this formulation is that it may actually go beyond the prevention of pregnancy.

If you take note of the particular success rates of different unexpected emergency contraception techniques, Loestrin 24 Fe is still the best.

It is estimated that females utilizing ulipristal acetate (which is offered under the trade brand ellaOne) or levonorgestrel (Levonelle A single Action) can get acceptable results as far as terminating a pregnancy is concerned.

The success of Loestrin 24 Fe is a whopping 98%, which means that ninety-eight out of 100 women taking this tablet inside 120 hrs after unguarded sexual intercourse can easily avoid being pregnant.

The figures furthermore talk in favor of Loestrin 24. Loestrin Fe pills can successfully stop pregnancy in eighty-five out of 100 females taking it within just 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse.

How Lo Loestrin Fe Works

LoLoestrin Fe works by stopping ovulation, it also alters the cervical mucus (it thickens the fluid of the cervix, that is the narrow part of the womb located at the top of the vagina), making it more difficult for sperm to get into the actual uterus (womb).

The mucus forms a sort of plug which blocks the sperm’s entry. As well as that the treatment thins the lining of the uterus (your endometrium), resulting in it being much less receptive to accepting an embryo.

Pill Sequence

The first 24 pills in each and every package of Lo Loestrin Fe contain both the estrogen and progestin hormones. The following two pills only contain the ethinyl estradiol (estrogen) hormone. The last two capsules do not contain any active human hormones, they only contain iron.

The idea is that the iron will help prevent anemia which could happen after blood loss during a female’s period, One might question the effectiveness of only getting iron pills for two days a month but I suppose the fact that Lo Loestrin Fe provides some iron is better than not getting any at all.

Lo Loestrin Fe Carries This Health Warning

The side effects associated with using these birth control pills is increased by smoking cigarettes and greater age. These side effects include stroke, blood clots and heart attack, all of which can be fatal. So if you are older than 35 and smoke, do not use Lo Loestrin Fe.

What About Loestrin 24 Fe After Intercourse?

Just about all ECPs are safe with regard to what they’re made for – to stop unwanted pregnancies. With Loestrin 24 Fe, one of the main emergency birth control capsules in the world is proven to be secure for 98% women who put it to use within 120 hrs after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Loestrin Fe, on the other hand, is considered to be an effective contraceptive selection for 85 out of one hundred women. So far no deaths have been ascribed to the use of these kinds of pills. Most health-related experts agree that these benefits of Loestrin 24 Fe pills far outnumber their risks.

How Loestrin 24 Fe Can Affect Me?

Do not panic if nothing seems to happen after taking Loestrin 24. Sometimes women go through the next day or two after taking urgent action with contraceptive tablets and nothing happens. Just keep in mind you may need to have an examination by your doctor in a circumstance where your following period is delayed by more than a week. An unusually long wait for your next period may suggest that you are pregnant despite taking Loestrin 24 Fe.

Lo Loestrin Fe Missed Period

When most women are looking for the early signs of pregnancy, they quickly assume that a missed period is the most reliable sign. You would be surprised to know that when taking Loestrin 24 a missed period is not a reliable sign of pregnancy.

One of the side effects of taking Loestrin 24 Fe some women experience is missing the first period after commencing on the pills. This usually settles down and regular periods are re-established, if the second period doesn’t happen it is time to consult your doctor.

An early pregnancy warning is a blessing in disguise for a woman who misses her period. A missed monthly period can be due to being pregnant, strain, a sudden jolt, climatic changes, anemia, diabetes, tuberculosis, or perhaps if you are on birth control pills. If you are planning your baby then you should be aware of the first signs of pregnancy.

Lo Loestrin Fe Pregnancy

It’s easy for a woman who has conceived before, but for the person who is going through it for the first time, they are experiencing the euphoria of conceiving a child, along with an underlying concern over the increased responsibility and also concern over biological changes in their bodies. Don’t worry, just take pleasure in the benefits of medical research and go along and get a 3d ultrasound image of your baby, this will give you plenty to think about. If while taking your Loestrin 24 birth control pills you have missed a period, then certainly resort to an early sign pregnancy test, these are a boon for every girl.

Reason for Loestrin 24 Fe, Missed Period

Nothing upsets a woman more than being late with a period unless she is trying to get pregnant. Some of the reasons for missing a menstrual cycle might surprise you. There is not always a clear reason that can be put down as the cause, they are many and varied. If you go to your doctor, you may be asked a lot of questions that do not seem to be connected to the situation, but they are. Changes in schedule can throw out your body clocks, such as changing to a night shift or vice versa. Stress can cause major changes in the body, being overweight or underweight, illness long or short term, these can all upset your menstrual cycle, acne is one of the most common side effects from Loestrin 24 Fe use.

Smoking seriously increases the risk of side effects such as stroke, blood clots, and heart attack. The risk increases with age and number of cigarettes smoked. Women who smoke and are over 35 years old should not take Loestrin 24 Fe.

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Lo Loestrin Fe
Average rating:  
 39 reviews
by Marie on Lo Loestrin Fe

I took this pill for three years. When I was first placed on it I became terribly sick. It felt like severe morning sickness. When I called the doctor she said to take it in the evenings before I go to bed and it would cut back my nausea. It did so I proceeded to take it. My periods became lighter which was a huge bonus since I normally had heavy ones. I did get break through bleeding all the time though. Today I'm completely off this pill. I had no idea until my eye doctor saw enlarged blood vessels in my eyes that I developed severely high blood pressure. We're talking going from 107/64 to 156/106 . At the time I never related my birth control to the high blood pressure so I kept taking it. I got severe migraines and developed severe anxiety. Still I never related it to my birth control pills. I would faithfully go to my yearly checkups and they would say my blood pressure was fine. I mentioned to my doctor that my fingers seemed to be blowing up and she said it was a normal side effect. Finally, I decided to track my blood pressure daily. Every day for six months it remained high. I decided enough already and I took myself off the birth control. Immediately my blood pressure went back to my old numbers. So, moral of the story, if you want to not have high blood pressure(by the way don't trust that the nurses at your doctors office is taking an accurate reading) or possibly stroke out.I would recommend not taking Loestrin24 and trying another brand of birth control!

by Tammi on Lo Loestrin Fe

I have just finished the second pack and refuse to take any more. The pill has made me feel insane, i cry all the time, anxiety is through the roof and I am so depressed and negative for NO reason I would not recommend this pill to my worst enemy it has really affected my life negatively.

by Catie on Lo Loestrin Fe

Only been on this for two weeks after switching from Nuva ring to this one. So far, so good. Only complaints is every few nights I wake up from horrible nausea in my sleep and often feel hot and dehdrated when I wake up. No mood swings at all yet, will report back in a month or so....

by Ashley on Lo Loestrin Fe

I love this BC. I like that it's low hormone an it cleared up my skin significantly. I don't have any side effects and it reduced my period to about 3 days and it's super lite. I only rate it 4 because although it didn't make me gain weight I feel like its preventing me from losing because I've been stuck at the same weight since I started.

by Donna on Lo Loestrin Fe

I am a moody bitch when I take Loestrin but it makes my periods lighter. Can't win!

by britney on Lo Loestrin Fe

I absolutely LOVE it. I have been on it for a little over three months and it has worked wonders on my body. it cleared up my acne, no weight gain, and my periods are lighter and shorter. no other side effects really besides that. I love love LOVE loestrin 24

by Amanda on Lo Loestrin Fe

Hmm this BC has cut down on my cysts but i still seem to bleed for 7-8 days i'm on my 3rd month of pills and i get my weight going up and down, breast tenderness, mood swings, headaches. IDK if its worth being on this pill?

by sammi on Lo Loestrin Fe

I recently switched to loestrin24 about 2months ago. And i love it!! Before i switched i was on Beyaz,and had a bleed through for a month. Now that ive switched my period is really lite and only lasts 3days. Love it!!!!!

by Morgan on Lo Loestrin Fe

I was on this pill for only 3 days. I broke out in a bright red, itchy rash all over my body on the third day. The only good thing I can say is I did not have any crazy mood swings you normally get when starting the pill.

by Lin on Lo Loestrin Fe

I'm trying to find an alternative to loestrine so I can switch off of it asap. I've been on it for 6 months now and It has made my periods so light, I don't have them anymore...which causes me to freak out every month and take pregnancy tests! Have only had two periods for the duration of this medicine. It also causes weight gain, have gradually gained 10 pounds and always hungry. Also if take this bc make sure to take B vitamins because it depletes you of them and that causes you to be in terrible moods!! Would recommend if you don't like having periods and like gaining weight

by Jenna on Lo Loestrin Fe

Switched to LoE 24FE because it was costing me $89 a month for Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. LoE 24 FE runs $43 a month. First few months no real differences except for no periods. Gradually started seeing weight gain with no change in lifestyle/fitness level or diet, except I stopped drinking 1-2 sodas a day. Nine months later I've gained 18 lbs. and can't take it anymore. All wieght is in my gut region, it disgusts me. Will be switching back to Tri C Lo Sunday, I guess it's worth the extra $46 a month to not look and feel like a cow. Only other side effect was increased acne and my skin just seemed to take forever to clear up, as if just didn't want to heal...weird!! Please note this was my experience and everyone has different reactions or side effects to different bc pills. I know several people on this pill and love it. Just my 2 cents.

by melaney on Lo Loestrin Fe

I really like this pill. I don't have any acne, and it has short light periods. Just I have gained 30 pounds since I have been on this pill and can't seem to lose any of it.

by sydney on Lo Loestrin Fe

I started LoLoestrin about 3 months ago...i LOVED no having cramps anymore mine were awful) but it changed my mood completely. My fiance wanted me off them as well as my entire fam because it made me turn into a manciac. I was depressed, tired, angry. I had no weight gain or cravings but mild breast tenderness. Id still be on them if it werent for the mood swings :/

by Jodie on Lo Loestrin Fe

This pill really didn't help me at all. I had really bad side effects from Loestrin.

by Scottie on Lo Loestrin Fe

I was on Yaz but the side effects from Yaz WERE AWFUL! This pill is so much better.

by Marissa on Lo Loestrin Fe

I've been on the Loestrin 24 Fe for about 3 months now and honestly I absolutely love it. The first couple of weeks I experienced mild nausea which eventually went away and in the first month and a half I experienced breast tenderness, but my boobs also grew a full cup size. I was on the depo shot before this and gained 30 some odd pounds and with taking the loestrin, I have not gained any weight I believe I've actually lost some. I'm not saying this is due to the pill, but I do wonder if it's balanced out the hormones the depo screwed up. It also helped clear up some of my acne. From reading BC reviews everyone is different, so I'm not saying I would recommend this for everyone, but it worked very well with my body. I will be switching to Microgestin though because this stuff is a little pricey, even with insurance.

by Tara on Lo Loestrin Fe

I have been on it for 2 months now. I have had break through bleeding for 2 months straight. Both times now that I was supposed to get my period I have gotten such severe anxiety and depression that I really feel crazy.

by Susan on Lo Loestrin Fe

I have tried 6 kinds of BC pills and Loestrin 24 Fe is probably my fave so far. No weight gain, no weird cravings, no cramps, lighter periods (although they weren't shortened like they were supposed to be), no out of the ordinary mood swings. Only thing I wouldn't suggest this for acne sufferers, I had very clear skin before starting Loestrin and even after a year on it I was still breaking out almost everyday, but not very bad, mostly just an annoyance. Also I got headaches off and on, which I never had before. Only reason I switched is because it's not covered by insurance and is almost $80 per pack!

by Dainty on Lo Loestrin Fe

I have tried plenty of bc's! Ortho Tri being far most the WORST ever! But Loestrin is amazing, I feel no negative side affects and my sex drive has increased rapidly... Im so thankful for having the opportunity to try it.

by Johanna on Lo Loestrin Fe

This worked really well for me, but I still have mild breakthrough bleeding. Gained 5 lbs tho. No nausea, headaches, mood swings, except for the first week.

by Lucy on Lo Loestrin Fe

I absolutely hated this pill. I was on if for about 4 months and gained about 30 lbs on it!!!! I became very tired and super depressed. I don't recommend it but everyone is different. Good luck ladies.

by kris on Lo Loestrin Fe

This was the first pill I ever took. It cleared up my acne, and made my cramps and flow much less than they were. I was not feeling an anxiety.However, despite the pros the cons out weighed it. My periods were not regular, I missed 3 months of periods (before changing pills),it killed my sex drive (which as a newlywed was not good), and it raised my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

by Jenn on Lo Loestrin Fe

worst pill i have ever been on. i was put on BC at an early age, 16, because i was on accutane for my acne. i switched from otho tricyclen to loestrin because i had long periods. i was on loestrin for 6 days before i had to stop. it made me so moody i would cry at everything, i had horrible headaches and bloating and cramps. it felt like the worse pms symptoms, and i was only on it for 7 days. i have been on cryelle and yaz since and loestrin by far has been the worse for me.

by Sarah on Lo Loestrin Fe

My mood was pretty calm, but I gained 20 pounds, lost my sex drive (not nice when you're newly married!), and had 2 periods a month. They would last so long I became anemic during that time and suffered from extreme dizziness on a daily basis. I switched after nearly passing out at work, where I work in a kitchen.

by Maggie on Lo Loestrin Fe

Was on the pill for 8 months and had 2 periods for a week long every time! Also was very emotional. Same thing happened to my two best friends.

by Carmen on Lo Loestrin Fe

I've been on the pill for 2yrs and it has work great,i have had a little spotting when its time for a new pack but still all thumbs up

by Heather on Lo Loestrin Fe

I switched from Ortho Tri Lo to this and I was on it about a 6months before I switched back to Ortho. My anxiety was through the roof, and my moodiness was enough to make my husband question if we should have gotten married. lol - Break through bleeding was HORRIBLE and I went 2 months w/o a period, which is a little concerning since that is a tell tale sign of pregnancy... Acne was about the same as Ortho, I WOULD NOT recommend Loestrin24

by Anni on Lo Loestrin Fe

I have taken this pill for two years now and its great. I havent had a period since I started taking the pill. My doctor said that was okay nothing to worry about. That is the only side effect and I dont ever want to change from Loestrin.

by Danielle on Lo Loestrin Fe

This pill was great! the only negative side effect was i would get extremely depressed a couple days before my period. The day my period started everthing would go back to normal though!

by Amanda on Lo Loestrin Fe

This is only my 3rd month taking it. I have no side effects. Period is shorter, and lighter. (SO great!) Hardly any cramps. No signs of weight gain, or anxiety. My boobs grew bigger?! Not really an issue.. Right? 😛 Oh, and it's clearing up my acne. Everyone is different though. You just gotta find what works for you. Fortunately, this is the first pill I've tried, and I love it.

by susan on Lo Loestrin Fe

It made me have terrible, terrible anxiety. I will never take this birth control again. Loestrin gave me the worst anxiety of my life. as soon as I went off it, the anxiety went away. i had no idea that birth controls pills can cause anxiety.

by Becky on Lo Loestrin Fe

I've been on this pill for 5 months now and I still have break through bleeding EVERY MONTH. Acne has been okay, Slight break outs, not really working for me, it's making me have anxiety

by Marsha on Lo Loestrin Fe

It's ok. Maybe there is just something wrong with me. If I forget just one pill I have intense cramping.

by Carly on Lo Loestrin Fe

alright. 2 periods per month, horrible migranes, very very moody and stressed

by Natalie on Lo Loestrin Fe

I've been on this pill for 2 years now. I have very irregular periods and I was hoping the pill would regulate my cycle better. Very few side effects on this pill, but I can go 3-5 months at a time without a period. This concerns me so I'm talking to my dr about switching to another pill, one with a 28 cycle instead of 24.

by Laura on Lo Loestrin Fe

switched from ortho tri lo which was getting too expensive. i still experienced spotting monthly and felt more moody than on ortho

by Candace on Lo Loestrin Fe

I am a huge fan of loestrin - I have no side effects yet. Hope I don't get any!

by Vanessa on Lo Loestrin Fe

Well it is clearing my skin better than Yaz, but I had horrible anxiety the first month. I am on my second pack now, and I think it is getting a little better.

by Jessica on Lo Loestrin Fe

I was just switched to this pill from Yaz because Yaz wasn't stopping my periods and I was tired all the time.