alesse birth controlBrand Names: Alesse, Aviane, Enpresse, Lessina, Levlen, Levlite, Levora, Lutera, Lybrel, Nordette, Portia, Sronyx, Tri-Levlen, Triphasil-21, Triphasil-28, Trivora

Generic Name: ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel (ETH in ill ess tra DYE ol and LEE vo nor JESS trel)

Average Consumer Rating: 2.8 out of 5

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Alesse is one of the more common brands of birth control pills available on the market. They have the standard composition of estrogen and progesterone, which are designed to stop a woman from ovulating, and which will also thicken the cervical mucus and impede the sperm’s ability to travel up into the uterus.

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As with other birth control pills, it is usually prescribed as a 21 or 28-day program, in which you take a pill each day, then stop for seven, or continue on with the 7 specially colored pills which are basically placed markers to ensure you remember to keep taking them.

Alesse should be taken no more than 24 hours apart and at the same time every day. If you miss one, consult the package insert, a pharmacist or your doctor. While there are few bothersome side effects, taking them at night may prevent any significant disturbance from headaches or mild nausea.

Not all women are suited to taking birth control pills, and you should consult your physician to discuss whether Alesse is for you. A thorough medical history is necessary for them to assess the risks that Alesse, or any other birth control pill may pose.

Remember that other drugs, including some antibiotics, can affect the performance of your pill. You should get a complete list from the doctor or pharmacist, to make sure that you understand the limits of the birth control pill, and what contraindications there are with other substances.

Women on Alesse or any other birth control pill are advised not to smoke, which has been proven to significantly increase the risk of heart attack or stroke while using birth control pills. The degree of risk rises with age and the amount smoked.

There is a generic for Alesse available on the market. You can buy generic Alesse online from a Canadian or US pharmacy.

Do not take Alesse if you:

  • Have a history of blood clots in the lungs, have had heart attacks, chest pain and strokes in the past, or have previously experienced deep vein thrombosis.
  • Have diabetes, or other diseases which cause problems in circulation.
  • Have a history of breast cancer, uterine or cervical cancer, or abnormal bleeding from the vagina.
  • Have any kind of liver disease, particularly liver tumors, and jaundice.

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Average rating:  
 77 reviews
by Marry on Alesse

I started taking this drug just two years ago, looked through the internet, read a lot of reviews and decided to have a try. The body reaction was OK. A week later probably, there were bloody discharge, but then everything was ok. Monthly without pain, libido did not increase. It was said to cleanse face (the skin is not perfect for me), but I didn't have any result as for face skin. I can say that the organisms of everyone are different, I'm very pleased with Alesse.

by Rita on Alesse

When I just started Alesse I immediately got facial hair and for 6 first months I gained 25 lbs! Also, my hair started falling out. Now, after being on this pill for 1 year, my facial hair became much thinner and lighter, I lost about 15 lbs but hair still falling out a lot! I tried to getg an appointment with endocrinologist, but it's impossible in Canada - they are all guarded by family doctors - no go!

by Victoria on Alesse

I am 25 and had not been on birth control prior to this year. My acne was always rather mild, and would even clear up at certain points. My periods have always been rather heavy for the first 2 days, and I often had painful cramps that would require me to take pain killers. This past July everything became extreme -- my acne was the worst it has ever been and I had debilitating period cramps and horrible depressive PMS. That is when I decided to bite the bullet and go on the pill. My doctor prescribed me Alesse 28, and after 1 cycle, my periods are lighter, I had virtually 0 cramping, and my acne has lessened (not completely gone yet, though). I have had no side-effects using this pill. It has really made a difference in my life so far and I hope these positive changes continue.

by Alexis on Alesse

I reacted very badly to Alesse at first (and I'm only on day 7 of taking it) because the morning after my first pill i actually threw up at work and was sent home. I have been feeling bloating ever since beginning it, but after reading other reviews and reading the drug information I am going to continue with it for a while because I think it will get better as time goes on. I wanted to post about my symptoms so that other people will see that the pill works differently on everybody!

by Ss on Alesse

This pill was a good pill I find but the effects on me is it made me really depressive like I was always crying and unhappy and I lost a lot of weight but the pill does work for sure

by Megan on Alesse

Be sure to check the pills and make sure it is ALESSE, and not ALYSENA. My pharmacy had given me the generic brand ALYSENA...even when my doctor had prescribe me Alesse. Anyway, T=this is the first birth control pill I've been on, and I have been on it for 3 months now. I haven't had any weight gain, or weight loss. However, I did gain one cup size. I have acne as well, but I don't think it has done anything for my acne, I still continue to get pimples. I was sexually active during the 2nd month of taking this pill and I didn't use any other form of contraceptive, and I still continued to get my period as according to my doctor, and the instructions that came with the prescription. During the 'sugar pills' that's exactly when my period starts

by DA on Alesse

I've been on Alesse for 2 years and no problems! Periods are predictable, no more cramps (awesome!), less acne, and able to skip period if needed with no complications! Everyone's body will react to pills differently though. Some will be wonderful for certain people and some won't. Just make sure to find the right one! πŸ™‚

by leila on Alesse

This pill has caused me severe moodiness ...and bad bad bad depression. The only plus side to it is it helps me lose weight and I dont crave as much food the periods are light. However I am going to switch to another brand because the mood swings and depression are not worth it at all.

by Sara on Alesse

It's alright. The first month isn't too hot. Mood swings and all, but I haven't been on birth control for 3 years, so I was expecting it. Irregular periods and acne. I am 20 years old. These side effects however, shouldn't deter you from using it yourself. Each birth control brand works differently on everyone. Personally, after 4 months, the mood swings subsided. However, what made me switch birth control brands was the fact that I've had breakthrough bleeding every month for 4 months and terrible face and body breakouts. It's not the worst, but I just can't do the breakthrough bleeding anymore. Simply annoying!

by Leah on Alesse

my doctor wanted to put me on alesse, but since the recall and from reading all the ratings im scared to. this is my first time being on the pill, I am only 17.

by Madi on Alesse

Okay, so this is only my second month of taking this... and the first month was fine, honestly didn't notice anything abnormal mentally or physically. Now its about my second pack and I am noticing I am getting bumps on my back. I have had some issues with bacne but not like this. Its spreading. I am wondering if I should just wait another month, in case my body is adjusting... or ask to be taken off immediately??!!

by molly on Alesse

I find that this pill is the worst! I use to be on the needle and i had no problems...i switched to alesse and i was told it would help with acne and my heavy periods and bad cramping...ive been on it for about 6 months and my acne is the worst its been my cramps and back pain are still horrible and my period is way out of wack it comes before i take the last pill of the month its light but goes away for a day then comes hormones are also way out of wack and i am tired and have headaches all the time! Worst pill ever! Switching asap!

by monica on Alesse

Horrible psycho mood swings!, not to mention decrease in sex drive!!

by Diane on Alesse

Totally not worth it. i started getting really thick periods to the point where it would glob up and id have to change every hour!! it also gave me serious pains in my sides so bad i needed to go to the hospital to get it treated. it should be off the market!!

by Amber on Alesse

Hey, everyone so I started taking the Alesse 28 Birth control oral pill.. and ALL I can say is.. COMPLETELY WORTH it.. So I was really stressed at first because I was reading a bunch of reviews just to see what was in store for me with the pill and it got me stressed.. So the first day I took it.. I didn't get any of the side effects that were called for.. until the 2nd night I took it.. in the middle of the night I woke up with BIGGEST pain in my stomach.. then it moved to the side of my back then my hips.. and and this is going to sound gross my I honestly thought I crapped EVERYTHING out.. And then I staaarted losing weight. after like 2 weeks of taking it I lost 10lbs. on my stomach and thighs.. 2 weeks later. I gained it bback.. I have been working out. I have NOT gotten my period yet this month (I am not even planned for another week and a half) I haven,t gotten any of the mind grains.. or like throwing up.. I say I am happier with it.. I did though started to get acne. (and that's pretty big for me considering I HAD NEVER GOTTEN ANY ACNE IN MY LIFE AND I AM 14) But still I didn,t really experience any of the major side effects..but that's just my body and my opinion .. The only thing I am scared of is it I end up having sex with my boyfriend.. and the pills fail.. is that possible to get pregnant while on the pill.. btw I take my pill everyday at the same time ! πŸ™‚ 6pm Beest wishes to ya'll πŸ™‚

by Deanna on Alesse

Ive been on Alesse 28 for about a year now. The first month is the worst, mood swings and extreme hormonal issues is all I remember from it. I also gained weight, but not in the breast area. It hasn't really helped with cramps or preventing acne, but its effective. And one plus is having a light period. I haven't ever tried any other form of a birth control pill, but I don't feel like I need to switch!

by Olivia on Alesse

I am a 30 year old taking Aviane 28. I took Alesse years ago and had no problems with it so when I recently went back on birth control I thought it would be safe to try Alesse or the generic version. This time around my boobs have grown and it hurts to even wear a bra. I have also been severe mood swings. I cry over everything and nothing and I'm pretty sure that has ruined my relationship with my boyfriend. Which was fine up until I was in my second pack ov Aviane. I also recently found out from my sister that she had the same type of mood swings while she was on Alesse.

by destiny on Alesse

im onto my second month of Alesse now, and i find that its working extremely well. my period at the end of my first pack was only 5 days, i usually have like 7-9 days, and i find that it doesnt give me to many side effects. i am also on anti-depressents as of right now though, so the comments above about having bad anxiety and depression bouts are irrelevant to me. I am not expiriencing any more headaches than usual and i find it a very good pill so far.

by Jamie on Alesse

I just started this pill less than a month ago, haven't had my first cycle yet, I haven't notice major side affects as of yet, except break through bleeding mostly the whole month, heavier towards the middle of the 21 pills... i was on triquilar for years and i liked it, but as your body changed I think you may need to adjust your hormone intake as well. Everyone's reviews are a little freaky, but so helpful. I'll stick it out a bit longer, but can't have the breakthrough bleeding all the time. Thats part of why we take BC pills.

by Jenny on Alesse

I've been on Alesse for two months now and honestly I can say it's the WORST pill you can take. One benefit of it though is during sex and the guy cums inside of you... you actually don't get pregrant. It does a great job with that, but then again nothing is full proof but it was for me. However, for everything else... horrible. I had horrible mood swings, constant depression, lots of aniexty attacks, I've had SEVERE cramps and headaches... which I've NEVER got when I get my period... and it's horrible.The acne was a bit slowed down, but it still appeared, nothing changed with that. Not a good pill, I don't recommend it AT ALL. I switched to Yaz now, i'll tell you how that works.

by Lindsay on Alesse

I have been on alesse for 7 months now. The first month was what I expected, my acne got a bit worse, got pretty bad cramping and was tired all the time. I feel this all evened out by the third month. I was on ortho tri cyclen lo before and loved it except for the break through bleeding. Now 7 months later and it is terrible. I have extreme mood swings. Strong bouts of depression and so much anxiety. I dont feel like myself and couldnt figure out why. I completely believe it is this pill. I have tried other pills such as marvalon and experienced the same anxiety and depression. I will never take alesse again. Dont reccomend this pill.

by Danielle on Alesse

Alesse, nothing special, but not horrible either. Ive been on this birth control for about 3 years now, maybe a bit longer and i havent had any major problems. I think anyone who has complications might be just because of other medical problems not responding well with something that is made to balance out hormones. Really the way your body handles any BC will vary between everyone. I do have to say i have had lighter periods, no acne, nothing like nausea or anything serious for the last couple years. Up until recently i have had nausea all the time maybe since the last 6 months or so, im thinking about switching to something else. Over all i havent experiences anything major, nothing to worry about. Take it at the same time everyday it really makes a difference on how your body will handle it

by Tiff on Alesse

effective and light periods but broke out all over my back the whole time I was on it and nausa first couple months of taking it. I will be switching back to my ortho-tri- cyclen

by Vera on Alesse

I'm fairly new to the birth control scene, but I can't complain. I think the only side effect I had was increase vaginal discharge, which i only noticed during intercourse anyway. My period was awesome! I usually have cramps so bad that I'm throwing up the first few days unless I take something before I feel anything (timing is key), but I didn't have to take a thing! I felt light pressure. Anyone considering this should look into it!

by Anne on Alesse

I have taken Aviane 28 for two days, and so far, I have noticed a very MARKED increase in appetite.. i mean i am hungry ALL THE TIME! But the pharmacist said that this is a side effect and if i don't act on it, i won't gain weight. I really hope I don't as my wedding is 2 and a half months away. A couple of mild headaches the first night (I took it at 10pm).

by jasmine on Alesse

yayyy the comments I read about this makes me rethink if i should be taking this.... I've been on it since the summer of 2011 but I haven't had any serious side effects yet, i was depressed after the first 2 3 months of taking it but now its all back to normal yayyy u guys are freaking the shit out of me. seriously.i am prob gonna get off it soon...

by emily on Alesse

this is a horrible pill. im so dissapinted.. Alesse constantly makes me nauseas , and I always end up getting sick. i'm switching asap.

by Laura on Alesse

This kept me on my period for a month solid, including through a winter camping trip. Horrible. No other bad reactions though.

by Patricia on Alesse

I really like Alesse. I have no side effects from Alesse.

by Candy on Alesse

I have been on Alesse for 6 years and even though I havent had acne before in the last 2 years it has cropped up and I can't be rid of it. I don't mind this stuff but I feel like there is something that can help me out a little better. I get cramp now, havent before...ever, and my periods dont seem any lighter then when I wasnt on the pill. I had predictable periods but that's the only thing I can think of that would set me apart from not being on the pill at all. I'm looking into a different oral contraceptive, as this one feels lacking.

by Katie on Alesse

I have been on the aviane generic brand for alesse. I have been on it for about a year now. The first 7 or 8 months went off fine like a normal birth control but then my periods started changing. One month my period would be super heavy the next it would be almost non existent. My pre-period acne has come back, cramps are pretty bad. It's like the birth control pretty much stopped working.

by Julie on Alesse

I was on alesse for 2 years. I had acid reflux before taking the pill, but it only got worse after. It got to the point of I was always nauseous. It only got worse. I would wake up anywhere from midnight to 8am puking up even water. I would be stuck on the bathroom floor at least once a month all night puking, waking up sore from the tile floor. Smells would irritate me to the point of throwing up, and it changed every day from roasted omatoes, water, sweet things. It got to the point I went down from 115 pounds to 97. I needed to smoke pot if i was to eat anything before 7pm, and even then I could handle much. I had every exam one on my stomach from breath tests, blood tests, xrays, and ultrasounds, to chemical balance testing, nothing was found to explain the puking.Kast resort Is topped the pill and my weight is normal, i've stopped puking, im hardly nauseous anymore, im not puking! I sweat half of what I used to . The pill nearly killed me, and I would highly recommend not taking it

by Aryn on Alesse

I have been on it for over a month now and I have suffered from no bad side effects. My period went from super heavy to light (LOVE IT!!!), have had no cramps or anything like that. Best of all, i feel like myself again. (was on yasmin for 3 years, and spent most of it suicidal)

by Caity on Alesse

Alesse was the first BC pill I started taking, not for baby-free reasons. I had a six month long period and my dumb as a door knob doctor told me, just wait it out, just wait it out. Until my wedding rolls around, and my husband expects, you know married people stuff, so I told me doctor to stuff it and got switched.

by Carlie on Alesse

Really did not work out for me my gf swears by it. I have had my period for 2 months never missed A pill my already bad skin in worse and my hair is falling out all I have to say is get out of here

by Cw on Alesse

Barely had any think this would be good,right? The trade off,severe cramping akin to labour pains in childbirth. it,s awful

by Ursula on Alesse

Horrible. Took it for two months every single day at the exact same time and for the first month, nothing just bloating and weight gain, breasts grew and then the second month, i had my PERIOD for a month straight. Not spotting, cramps, heavy bleeding the whole nine yards. It made me extremely irritated and angry, I got pressure head aches and had unprovoked crying fits. No sex drive at all either. Horrid.

by Avidalesseuser on Alesse

I have been on Alesse for 9 years now and I love it. I have very light periods with little to no cramping. I have never had a problem with a lot of weight gain and I get very few pimples. I would highly recommend this pill to anyone.

by Britany on Alesse

This is the second birth control i've tried ... been on it for a little over a year now, no big mood changes, but i think it's causing my body hair to grow thicker or faster?

by Sarah on Alesse

I've been on Alesse for about five months now. I find that breakthrough bleeding/spotting/an early period is very common with missed or irregular pills. A bit of a drag, but also very predictable. The worst side effect for me is moodiness and anxiety. I don't feel like my usual self, and I react far worse to things that were not as big of a deal before. For example: my boyfriend is long-distance, but visited quite a few times this summer. I was shocked one time to find that I felt fine at his leaving, even relaxed and happy (as opposed to my usual anxiety, heavy crying, and anger). I later realized that I had been off the active pills for a week.

by Jessica on Alesse

Alright, so I just finished the second batch of these pills. And I love them. Theyve had no affects on my moods, or my complexion. Yes, I've had some negative side effects, for the first batch I was exhausted. Slept all the time. I've also noticed that I feel a lot more bloated this time around. I was on Tri-Cyclen when I was 17, and it was awful. I would honestly recommend this to any girl. I have a friend who has been on it for close to 2 years, and she swears by it. πŸ™‚

by Ashley on Alesse

I am on month two and the side effects seem to be going away. The first month was sorta rough -- felt nauseous, depressed, acne worsened, bled heavily etc. This month my skin seems to be clearing (slowly) and I am definitely feeling bloated. I exercise 4-5 times a week and I have been having problems feeling the rewards of my workouts right away. I have felt pretty fatigued as well. My guess is that the first 3 months are the toughest. Your body needs some time to adjust to the hormones and I feel optimistic. I was on alesse in high school and never had any problems that I can recall.

by DPierre on Alesse

I started with Alesse about 4 months ago and i love it. the first couple weeks i had cramps ( but that's normal) i guess my body was getting use to it. but so far not acne . no cramps. no weight gain. i love it, and since i started taking it, i dont have the bad menstrual cramps anymore. i would definately recommened it but everybody is diffrent.

by Taylor on Alesse

I've been on it for about 5 days. No side effects yet. I've heard that it causes breakouts, but my skin is usually clear and is still so I have no problems with it.

by MS on Alesse

I am just finishing my second back of Alesse 28 and have had no serious side affects. During the first few days I felt incredibly nauseous, and after about two weeks I found myself pretty emotional but after that everything went well. I still find myself emotional during the sugar pill days, but I am waiting it out to see if there is any change. Overall I am very happy with Alesse. At first it may seem terrible, but just wait it out!

by Emily on Alesse

I am on Aviane (the generic version of Alesse). I have only been on it for about a week and a half, so I may not be a pro, but still. The only side effects that I have noticed so far on this pill is a very small amount of spotting (I take the pills within the same 10 seconds every day, so that's not the problem), and also recently a bit of hair loss. It's not like I'm balding, just that if I run my fingers through my hair, a few strands fall out. I started on the first day of my period and I take them at night to avoid nausea. I totally recommend this brand!

by Tasha on Alesse

I've not had any negative side effects from alesse. My breasts have grown a cup size or two, my skin has cleared up and my period is much lighter now. Overall nocomplaints.

by Sarah on Alesse

Been on Alesse for 11 days now. No side effects as far as I can tell. No bleeding or bloating. My acne is slightly worse, but my doctor told me it may get worse for a little while before it gets better, as with any birth control pill. So wait out the acne ladies! It DOES get better. Your body is just adjusting. But if it's been over three months then maybe talk to your doctor πŸ˜›

by holly on Alesse

I've been on the generic versions of this birth control and although for the first 2 months I was extremely moody, it got much better. I've been happy with it up and my periods only last about 4-5 days. My only problem is that my skin is never clear.

by Adrienne on Alesse

Switched from Ortho Lo to this to try and control breakthrough bleeding....WRONG! Constant bleeding on this pill, and constant hunger. Gained 5 lbs in 2 months ( I know it's my fault for eating more, but you get SO hungry). To top it all off, it made my breakthrough bleeding worse! They've now switched me to Brevicon, so we'll see how that works. Thinking about just going with Depo shots if this doesn't work out....

by Nholla on Alesse

I have been on alesse for 2 months. I gain water weight during the middle of the 21 days. Although the biggest benefit, is my mood swings/depression/anger is regulated/ gone. A relief since off of it I have a hard time.

by Kendra on Alesse

A) Well I didn't get pregnant so that's good. B) I got the worst migraines right around my period.

by Mary on Alesse

I like that it has a low estrogen level, b/c it doesn't screw with my sex drive (like most pills in the past have), but if you miss EVEN ONE pill expect to start spotting for weeks! πŸ™

by Nico on Alesse

I have been on this pill for 2 months now. At first i noticed a change in my activity. I was feeling much lazier than usual. I've gained a few pounds but nothing drastic. My boobs have grown almost a cup size and I'm not complaining. Neither is my boyfriend. The real reason I'm here to write this review, though, is because this pill is the best if you have issues with temper and mood swings due to hormonal effects. I have tried many, many pills (the ones that preach to have the least amount of hormones) and I have had horrible reactions. Depression, anxiety, loss of interest in sex, school, life. I have even been on a pill that made me angry at the most minute of situations. This one hasn't affected me like that at all. If you are concerned about acne or gaining a few extra pounds then maybe Allese isn't the pill for you. But if you have had serious issues with he way oral contraceptives affect your mental health, I highly suggest you try this one.

by Aimee on Alesse

I have been on Aviane (a generic version of Alesse) for almost 3 years. It took this long to connect some side effect to this pill. I got some facial hair, gained 30 lbs, and cannot lose weight unless Im nearly done the sugar pill portion of the pack. Recently started to ovulate on this pill. Doctor switched me to Yaz.

by Manda on Alesse

I am now starting my second pack. I started the first pack and recieved severe migraines right away. I am prone to these anyways so i'm not sure if aleese was causing it. I stopped taking it after 5 pills. I waited one month and started again. I am not doing the placebos as i do not want my period and this is what my doc recommended. So far everything is good. I have gained a little but it is the holiday season so that may just be all the xmas cookies. I have noticed a severe decrease in my sex drive though. I usually have a high drive and right now i don't, but my hubby has a low drive due to a testosterone problem so i guess its working out okay for us. i am getting frequent small headaches but nothing aleve can't handle. overall i say this is okay. I did the ortho patch for 2 years back in 2004 and i liked that better except for the yucky marks it leaves temporarily on your skin.

by Barbara on Alesse

Alesse side effects: anxiety, hair loss, weight gain. No fun!

by lauren on Alesse

everyones body is different! SO THERE IS NO BETTER PILL

by ilp on Alesse

I have been on Lutera for about 6-7 months and it worked fine for me. Periods were short and light, not much cramps; sometimes no cramps at all. However, I got spotting between periods and that was the worst! When I spotted, I got horrible cramps!! I'm changing to Levora; my doctor said the higher dosage of hormones should stop the spotting (hopefully).

by skm on Alesse

forgot to mention bloating, and hair shedding like a srsly hoping yaz is better!

by skm on Alesse

i have been on Alesse for a month now. and i hate hate hate it. im exhausted i want to sleep all day, my acne is WORSE! stomache pains, uhhhhm and increased appetite. ONLY thing i like about it, is before i started taking birth control i was extremely moody and ever since i've been on the pill my mood swings are a lot more under all in all, IN MY OPINION this pill suuucks. but everyone reacts differently , so could be better experience for others but its just not for doctor prescribed me yaz so next month im going to try that out...wish me luck....eep...

by Amanda on Alesse

The first 2 months, my periods lasted about two weeks. After that, my menstruation normalized, and even got somewhat lighter. Overall, it's a good contraceptive.

by Justina on Alesse

Been on it for almost 4 months. So far its been great. Periods shorter, less cramps if any, less mood swings, no headaches etc. no complaints thus far!

by Jessica on Alesse

I love this pill. I have not really experienced any problems. I get my period on time, although it is a little heavier than usual. I don't have any mood swings, infact I think i feel generally happier when I'm on it. For the first few days my muscles ached a little but it didn't bother me. It didn't help or hurt my already bad skin. I have not put any weight on and it has proven effective as I have had sex without a condom almost every day for a year whilst being on this pill. LOVE IT!

by Chantelle on Alesse

This is probably the worst pill I've been on yet. My first was Zovia 1/35 which didn't do much, then there was Yasmin which was really good for acne but I taking it for three consecutive months wasn't working out, so my doc put my on alesse because it's so low. Well, I now spot for no reason at all, like after going to the bathroom or during intercourse, and I've had the WORST skin ever. My forehead, chin, cheeks, around my nose, everything has little bumps and blackheads, I've never had acne this bad.

by Briana on Alesse

My only complaint is that I have completely stopped having periods. I feel bloated.

by Jessica on Alesse

I have been on it for 16 days now, the first couple days I felt a little sick. My skin has cleared up and I really have enjoyed the effects so far.

by Sam on Alesse

It is ok, but I have put on weight since being on this birth control pill.

by Britany on Alesse

I have been on Alesse now for about a year, at first I had no problems because I switched from Tricyclen.. but recently I've developed severe chest pain. I wouldn't recommend it ever.

by Anne on Alesse

Perfect! No issues

by Lisa on Alesse

I love Alesse - no problems with it at all.

by Mindy on Alesse

Aleese was ok - but did not control my bleeding well.

by Kelly on Alesse

I switched to Lutera from Ortho Tri Cyclin Lo and Loved the difference. Seemed to be good acne control, I didn't always feel so hungry as on Ortho. I switched to the ring because I am so forgetful, and if it doesn't work out I would go back in a heart beat.

by Elissa on Alesse

The first few days i took this pill i had the worst nausea of my life. Around day four i started having the worst cramps of my life. On day six i started bleeding. Now i'm on day sixteen. The cramps and nausea are gone, but i'm still bleeding. Ten days now i've been bleeding. I really doubt that's normal. As well my skins gone really dry and i'm getting acne, and i used to have perfect skin. Thinking of switching..

by sarah on Alesse

i used desogen before and it was great. then i switched to levora and its horrible. it causes acne.

by louise on Alesse

only problem is constant bleeding. NO other side effects.

by bb on Alesse

worst pill ever. causes terrible breakouts on the face. don't use it.